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Wouldn’t you like to learn how to launch your business successfully? AIM for Success™ is an introductory business education program designed for aspiring individuals considering franchise business ownership. AIM reinforces your education in the E-Source Journey of Discovery.  

The AIM program has various objectives:

  • 1) It strives to link the passion and enthusiasm of your I.L.W.E. (Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, Equity) with your daily business life. Through discussion of your Primary AIM, it will help you declare who you are at your best.
  • 2) It helps you view business as a vehicle for achieving your personal objectives.
  • 3) Identify how to establish the strategic objective of your business.
  • 4) Explore various types of business ownership options and the benefits of franchise business ownership.

exploring every option

R. Smith

Atlanta, GA

“As I start on this new and exciting journey, I realize that I would never have gotten to this point without all the hours we spent discussing options.  Your ability to keep me focused on the facts has helped...   Read More


One of our four cornerstone components, Income is defined as your re-occurring short-term earnings through employment and investments. Why it matters

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