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A Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Dear Dreamers,

Another Valentine’s Day is about to come around and I have to ask this question: “HAVE YOU GIVEN YOURSELF A GIFT?”

After all, a Valentine, whether it’s a card, a box of chocolates, or even a bouquet of flowers, is a sign of commitment. It’s saying: YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME!  So this Valentine’s Day, The Entrepreneur’s Source wants to make sure you don’t forget yourself when it comes around to giving love-tokens. After all, you deserve to live your dreams, too.

Having been blessed with the vision that became The Entrepreneur’s Source back in the early 1980’s, I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to still be an active part of the vision and continued growth today. I still live with the same life philosophy I used to create this business: considering the possibilities…pondering the options…discovering the dreams.

That’s what The Entrepreneur’s Source is all about — Your possibilities. Your options. Your dreams.   Your POD.  We’ve been helping people just like you for 35 years now…helping them on the journey from employment to empowerment…and helping them do it at their own pace.

Our Alternative Career Coaches are the heart of that journey. They work with people just like you…people who are considering the possibility of self-employment through franchising…but want to do it in their own time. How does The Entrepreneur’s Source accomplish that? It’s simple really. We listen. We listen to your goals about the I.L.W.E. (income, lifestyle, wealth, equity) you want to build for yourself and your family.

If you’ve been dreaming, it’s time you gave yourself the gift of permission to take things a step farther. In the spirit of National Entrepreneurship Week (Feb. 16-23), decide to begin that journey of discovery and potential self-employment and let one of our Alternative Career Coaches give you a call. They understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, we have the same mindset as you. That’s why we can help. We’ve shared the struggle. To this day, I fight against the corporate hierarchy mindset so that we can maintain the entrepreneurial spirit here at TES.

As we look forward to all the possibilities of our future, I encourage you to look forward to your own future possibilities and remember – the future is now.

Happy Valentine’s Day Dreamers!


Terry Powell


The Entrepreneur’s Source Celebrates Their 35th Anniversary

The Entrepreneur’s Source Celebrates 35th Anniversary by Honoring Coaches, Franchisor Partners, and Above All, Their Clients. Visionary Founder Terry Powell Stays True to His Calling While Keeping His Eyes on the Future

The spirit of entrepreneurism is the back-bone of thriving economies and The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise, is leading the charge from Employment to Empowerment®.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® is proud to celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2019.   And according to Visionary Founder Terry Powell, TES is celebrating the only way they know how – by focusing on the future and helping alternative career clients do the same.

“We are committed to empowering others to succeed – it’s what we do here at TES,” said Terry Powell.

Helping alternative career clients realize their Career 2.0 while transitioning away from the Battered Career Syndrome® is what sets The Entrepreneur’s Source® apart.

“This unwavering focus on ‘Your Success is Our Only Business’ has been our defining mission  since we launched TES as the first and only true career transition coaching referral network in 1984,” continued Powell.   “We were the first company to focus our attention on the 95% of aspiring entrepreneurs who weren’t immediately ready, willing and able to start a new business but were looking for the education, awareness, and discovery needed to explore new possibilities.   Over the decades, we’ve helped tens of thousands of clients realize their dreams of being self-sufficient by taking control of their future.”

Powell added that maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset is another of many key factors responsible for the great success TES has experienced.  However, he said it is also one of the most difficult to maintain.

“Embracing the Entrepreneurial Operating System has allowed us to attract team members with a strong desire to join an entrepreneurial team,” said Powell. “This has been critical to our success as the vast majority of clients we help are looking to leave corporate America and the corporate hierarchy mindset. So, the last thing they want to experience when working with our coaches is yet another corporate hierarchy experience.”

Powell and all alternative career coaches who are part of the TES franchise family are successful because they focus on individuals eager to move past the battered career syndrome fueled by a corporate hierarchy mentality.  These individuals are part of the “95%” described above who prefer a coaching experience offering education, awareness, and self-discovery.  The Entrepreneur’s Source® listens to them and takes them on a journey of discovery.

The results speak for themselves – 35 years of helping individuals realize that an effective career transition isn’t about buying themselves a job.   It’s about learning how to build their optimal Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, & Equity by controlling their own careers.

“We are very proud of our 35 years of history and client success. We have never been a company that embraces status quo,” said Powell.

Speaking of not embracing the status quo, another critical component of TES’ 35 years of success is tied to the game-changing technological experiences TES has created for its coaches and clients.   One example is the one-of-a-kind  Start a Business Weekend® virtual expo. This online expo allows potential franchisees the opportunity to explore over 170 possibilities  and to connect with a TES alternative career coach…all from the comfort of their own home (and as always, without any cost to them as the seeker). Another innovative online tool is FranchiseMatch®. This simple tool takes less than five minutes and allows you to start the conversation with your coach around what possibilities may be best to explore.

“Empowering others for us is constantly keeping your eyes on the vision of the future and adapting to the changes that have taken place to keep us and our clients on the forefront of career transition and success,” said Powell.   “We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far and are eager to get started on our next 35 years of empowering others!”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® network of franchise coaches offers a full range of services to individuals seeking alternate career options and to franchise businesses looking to increase performance. For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source®, please visit http://www.EntrepreneursSource.com/

About The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Established in 1984, The Entrepreneur’s Source has been North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise dedicated to the entrepreneur for more than 35 years. Today, with more than 120 offices in the United States and Canada, The Entrepreneur’s Source® continues to dominate the $1.5 billion-dollar Business Coaching/Consulting franchise market in North America.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® is a trademark of TES Franchising, LLC.  All rights reserved.



The Entrepreneur’s Source: I.L.W.E. – What is it?

The Entrepreneur’s Source: I.L.W.E. – What is it?  It stands for Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity—each of these components plays a vital role in achieving overall happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Getting your Goals, Needs and Expectations on-track. One of the tactics The Entrepreneur’s Source employs to aid you in defining your Goals, Needs & Expectations is the determination of your I.L.W.E.:

  • Income is defined as: Your re-occurring short term earnings through employment and investments. What do you envision your income to be in the next 3 to 5 years?
  • Lifestyle is defined as: a manner of living that reflects your values and attitudes. What do you envision your lifestyle to be in the next 3 to 5 years?
  • Wealth is defined as: the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money. How do you envision your wealth portfolio in the next 15 to 20 years?
  • Equity is defined as: the interest in assets you have built up. What assets will you own that will provide you and your family with long-term equity over the next 10 to 20 years? 

“When we ask our clients why they want to start a business, the number one response isn’t money: it’s lifestyle. Being your own boss and earning unlimited income potential is all great, but the priceless possibility of being able to have the life balance you can’t achieve in corporate America is often more important to aspiring entrepreneurs”.  Terry Powell, Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source

From Employment to Empowerment® – The Coaching Advantage 

A coach will help identify your transferable skills by learning about your professional background, including previous roles you’ve had, what you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy, to begin painting a picture about your profile and skillset. If in fact self-employment is a viable option, a coach will help to establish your specific goals for business ownership based on your I.L.W.E. Some questions a coach will help you to answer might include:

  • What’s your income target that you would like to have as a result of being involved in the business?
  • What are your lifestyle goals? Do you want to work Monday to Friday, nine to five?
  • Do you want to create and invest in a business that will allow you to build wealth and start to create a positive financial situation for you and your family?
  • How much equity do you want to be able to build up in a business, so to that point it’s going to be worth something to someone else?

Each of these components is a vitally important piece in defining your overall goals, needs and expectations in order to find the best business opportunity fit.

So ask yourself:

Are you currently hitting or exceeding your income expectations?

Are you living the lifestyle of your dreams?

What about your wealth or equity: Is it growing or declining? 

How much control do you have over your destiny?  An Entrepreneur’s Source Coach can help you paint the “big picture” of your life through a discovery and education based process.  If you’re curious about exploring alternative career options and would like to discover Your Career 2.0  with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, contact us today!


The Entrepreneur’s Source: Is there a way out of “Battered Career Syndrome”?

Is there a way out of “Battered Career Syndrome”?   At The Entrepreneur’s Source, we say “YES”!

In our best-selling book, “Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome” we talk about the vast number of people who feel trapped in their jobs, but think they have no other options available to them. We call it the “Battered Career Syndrome®.” They keep thinking longevity equals corporate loyalty, and hang on hoping things will get better. But most of the time it doesn’t. They keep living paycheck to paycheck, at the whim of ownership, working more hours and earning far less than they could as a business owner. With the average American worker’s salary remaining pretty stagnant through the course of their career, many become disengaged and unhappy. They realize their salary is set, with no real hope of increases.

Further, the salary may be set, but how long will the job last? Consider, per the most recent US Census statistics, the median number of years a salaried worker has been with his or her company is just 4.6 years. Is there any guarantee those workers will make it another 5 or 10 years with the same company? What hope is there they’ll make it to retirement? “Hoping” to hang onto the job until retirement is not a plan.

Also – what if the worker is forced to retire early due to things not even in his control? Average Americans have LESS than $100,000 saved for retirement and the estimated average Social Security monthly benefit for a retired worker is LESS than $1,400. Plus, medical advances mean many of us will live longer. Anyone else afraid of out-living their money?

Put an End to YOUR Battered Career Syndrome®!

Entrepreneurs have more tools available to them today, helping them work smarter, not harder, which can help maximize growth and viability of their business, increasing its long- term endurance.   Plus, with powerful tools at their disposal such as Start a Business Weekend®Franchise Match® and the Virtual Coaching Experience, any entrepreneur who works with The Entrepreneur’s Source® will be much more likely to invest in a franchise business that fits their skills and personality.

The Entrepreneur’s Source®(TES) is the nation’s leading resource for franchising information, education, and exploration. We believe there has never been a better time for people to work for themselves! TES has helped thousands of these folks realize their dream of self-sufficiency.

Just like many have personal fitness trainers for goal achievements, The Entrepreneur’s Source® offers personal coaching for those who want to become self-sufficient. Each of our coaches uses proven strategies to help seekers find their capabilities and resources, while holding them accountable and empowering them to turn their dreams into their reality.

So, is it really riskier to start a business in today’s world where people have less job security, little upward mobility, and are working longer hours for less pay? If you could have greater control and influence over your work life, with the income, lifestyle, wealth building and equity you desire, would that be something you would want?   Of course!

Let’s work together to put an end to YOUR “Battered Career Syndrome®”.  I personally invite you to begin your journey by visiting The Entrepreneur’s Source® website – http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/about_us.html.


The Entrepreneur’s Source: 5 F-Words that are Sabotaging Your Career

The Entrepreneur’s Source: 5 F-Words that are Sabotaging Your Career

If the pathway to self-sufficiency was free of obstacles and challenges, then everyone would take it. Unfortunately, obstacles and challenges do exist and they sometimes prevent individuals from taking the leap to business ownership.

When an individual starts to consider career possibilities outside of the standard, corporate 9-5 options, they will inevitably run into what The Entrepreneur’s Source® calls the F words: Frustration, Fear, Financial constraints, Family and Friends. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source examines these obstacles that may be holding people back from reaching their ultimate dream of self-reliance.


Those who suffer from the Battered Career Syndrome know frustrations all too well: Feeling unappreciated in the workplace, staying in a dead-end job with no room for growth, not feeling inspired by the work they are doing. When examining frustrations, there are two different kinds: Healthy – the motivational kind, and unhealthy – the form that can become paralyzing. Regardless of if you’re suffering from the healthy or unhealthy kind of frustration, you can learn to channel your frustration by exploring your alternative career options.


Big or small, we all suffer from fears, but when it comes to fears associated with one’s career, these fears tend to become overwhelming and taxing. Most people worry about limited career options, if they possess transferable skills, keeping up with technology systems and the like. However, when deciding to move from Employment to Empowerment, the biggest fear most people encounter is the fear of self-employment. Other common fears include fear of change, fear of the unknown and fear of success. When an individual is able to recognize these fears and channel them to become motivation, then they truly will have the ability to overcome them.

Financial Constraints

Many people ward off the idea of investing in a business opportunity because they don’t think that they are financially able. However, what most people don’t initially understand is that there is an abundance of ways to finance a business and there are plentiful financing options available to small business owners and franchisees. However, no matter what financial state an individual is in, they will likely be able to find a financing option for their unique needs.

Family and Friends

Family and friends may be the most unlikely of sources that may hold you back from achieving your entrepreneurial dreams, but their holdup may be a reality for some. Whether an individual has the support of his or her friends in achieving their dreams may be the single most important factor whether an individual will eventually decide to leave their traditional career behind. Investing in a business opportunity is a risk, and this sometimes this may worry friends and family members that rely on an aspiring entrepreneur. However, it’s important to remember that staying in a stagnant career is also a risk, and friends and family members should be reminded of this as well.

An individual doesn’t have to experience all four of these obstacles to become debilitated in their ability to become an entrepreneurial, it just takes one. Realizing and being able to identify these obstacles exist is the first step in the process of trying to overcome them and ultimately reaching self-sufficiency.

Taking the leap from Employment to Empowerment® is a big step, and you don’t have to do it alone. Alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source® can help guide you through the process of becoming a business owner. For more information about how an alternative career coach can help you move from corporate America to entrepreneurship, contact a coach today http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html