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peel the onion

That’s right, the onion, with all of its intricate layers, can be likened unto the needs, wants, likes, dislikes and desires that make you who you are. To “peel the onion” is to take a mini journey in self-discovery to uncover your core – we can help you to discover what motivates you along your own personal journey.

Why? By discovering what motivates you, you can begin to decipher what you may need to change. Another tactic we employ at The Entrepreneur’s Source is the determination of your I.L.W.E. (Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, Equity). These are key components that contribute to your overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

In fact, it is our experience that once you begin the discovery process, so many factors come to the surface that you’ll reach a point of clarity about what you want your life to look like. At that point, the solution, or, really a way to get where you want to go ultimately presents itself. We provide the tools, you draw the conclusions.

Since this is a discovery process, you are in charge of how fast or how slow you want to go through the process.

exploring every option

R. Smith

Atlanta, GA

“As I start on this new and exciting journey, I realize that I would never have gotten to this point without all the hours we spent discussing options.  Your ability to keep me focused on the facts has helped...   Read More


One of our four cornerstone components, Lifestyle is defined as a manner of living that reflects your values and attitudes. Why it matters

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