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The Entrepreneur’s Source Makes Finding Franchisees Easier with Online and In-Person Resources

The Entrepreneur’s Source Makes Finding Franchisees Easier with Online and In-Person Resources

Franchising’s leading career and business coaching company provides several innovative resources to help make the process of finding franchisees easier, including online virtual coaching, free monthly educational webinars and quarterly “Start A Business Weekend” (SABW) virtual franchise expos at www.EntrepreneursSource.com.

Through advanced internet technology, The Entrepreneur’s Source is changing how people discover new business opportunities, taking them from Employment to Empowerment™, while simultaneously breaking down barriers that typically take individuals out of the franchise exploration process.

“People from all walks of life are making career transitions, and many are now choosing to take control of their own destiny, by considering becoming self-sufficient. Our online resources provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools needed to create a roadmap to financial freedom,” says Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source, which has helped tens of thousands of people find new business opportunities throughout its 25-plus years.

Virtual coaching provides warm and engaging coaches who elicit ideal Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity dreams from visitors. While defining their objectives in a series of questions, a picture board dramatically builds on the screen allowing people to visualize what they aspire to attain through business ownership. Once the series of questions have been completed, the virtual coach helps identify the type of investment that could ultimately provide personal fulfillment.

The Entrepreneur’s Source also host free, monthly educational webinars on various topics of pursuing entrepreneurship through franchising. Permitting guests to harness the flexibility and freedom that the virtual education experience fosters, individuals can go through this initial phase of the educational journey at their own pace and wherever they want to do it.

Start A Business Weekend is an online event that also visitors to discover opportunities and obtain information that will fuel dreams of business ownership. Attendees will have access to the largest franchise and business directory virtual event including business ownership opportunities, virtual presentations, online networking and digital tools at no cost.

“More and more people today are used to living in a ‘virtual world.’ Social media and technology have changed the way we think,” added Powell. “Our virtual approach aims to inform, educate and empower individuals. It’s exactly the same approach our coaches take when working with people.”

The next opportunity to attended Start A Business Weekend is November 21-23 from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M EST. To register, click here.

For more information on virtual coaching and other educational opportunities, visit http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/coaching.html


The Entrepreneur’s Source Names Minneapolis Entrepreneur Client of the Year

In early 2010, following a lengthy career in the automotive fleet industry, Bill Bentz took a risk on, what was then, an unheard of franchise concept and never looked back. Three years later, his dedication to Doc Popcorn® and admirable work ethic has earned him the prestigious 2013 Client of the Year award by The Entrepreneur’s Source® (E-Source), North America’s leading career and franchise business coaching company.

In search of something he could call his own and in need of some guidance, Bentz found himself at the door of Mike Accurso, an E-Source coach, who introduced him to a novel snack concept in the beginning stages of franchising. Bentz and his wife, Julie, took a risk on the unknown concept and were among the first franchisees to invest in Doc Popcorn.

“Bill had the vision to see the tremendous opportunity in Doc Popcorn,” said Terry Powell, founder of E-Source. “It’s not every day we see someone come out of a 30 year long corporate career who is willing to take a leap of faith on a new concept. Right out of the gate, he had the drive and determination to make himself an instant success in the franchise industry.”

After using a portion of his 401K to fund his entrepreneurial dream, Bentz set his sights on the Mall of America, took matters into his own hands, negotiated a lease and made it happen. He opened a Doc Popcorn location in July 2010 and has been successful since day one. To further his business, Bentz and his family later acquired a mobile cart to use at community festivals and sports tournaments. He is currently seeking to open a second location in the Mall of America as they expand.

“The first time I met with Mike [Accurso], I didn’t think I would walk out with a popcorn stand,” Bentz said. “Throughout my career, I never once dreamed I’d be in the place I’m in now. I thank E-Source for helping guide me here and for recognizing me as client of the year.”

Bentz, known by his E-Source coach as a true business and family man, was nominated for the E-Source Client of the Year award because he is determined, accomplished and passionate. He took a downward situation and career change as an opportunity to become his own boss – he set goals for himself, put in his due diligence and became an instant success.

For more information about E-Source, contact a coach at http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/coaching.html


Terry Powell of The Entrepreneur’s Source | Franchising Offers Viable Career Opportunity for Today’s Military Veterans

As military veterans transition to civilian life, they face a tight employment market with a saturation of willing candidates. To help military veterans take control of their professional career and future, franchise business coaches with The Entrepreneur’s Source, the nation’s leading career and franchise business coaching network, share why franchising is a viable option for today’s veterans looking for a sufficient way to achieve their desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals.

“As they return stateside, our service men and women should ride the crest of the economic recovery by taking advantage of franchise business opportunities,” said Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “Franchise ownership provides an established, proven business model, ongoing training and support and an ideal structure for returning veterans to smoothly transition back into civilian life and the working world.”

Due to their training and discipline, countless military veterans have found franchised businesses to be a perfect fit for their skills. In fact, one out of every seven franchise businesses are owned and operated by veterans of the U.S. military, according to a recent study from the International Franchise Association (IFA). There are more than 66,000 veteran-owned franchise businesses in the US which provide jobs for 815,000 Americans and generate more than $41 billion in GDP. In fact, since November 2011, when the IFA launched its Operation Enduring Opportunity program, more than 64,000 veterans started careers in franchising, including 4,300-plus new franchise business owners.

“With prescribed operating systems, franchises are a natural fit for military veterans who are trained to follow standard operating procedures,” Powell added. “Besides being coachable and comfortable in a structured environment, veterans offer the ability to make decisions. All franchisors seek these qualities in franchise candidates, making veterans an ideal choice.”

To attract qualified veteran candidates, many franchises offer incentives, such as reduced investment fees, through the VetFran program, an initiative led by the IFA to help veterans transition from the military to the business world. Special financing options are also available to military veterans interested in getting started in small business ownership, such as the Patriot Express program offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This loan program streamlines and expedites loans, and includes additional assistance from the SBA and its partners in obtaining financing.

For more information on franchise opportunities with The Entrepreneur’s Source visit http://www.theentrepreneurssource.com/discovery/


The Entrepreneur’s Source: Parents and College Grads Team-Up to Pursue Franchise Ownership

Parents and College Grads Team-Up to Pursue Franchise Ownership

In an unfavorable jobs landscape plagued with part-time and temporary positions, unpromising opportunities and high competition for the few openings available, more job-seeking parents and children are becoming business partners to take control of their professional futures through franchising.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of unemployment for workers over 55 has risen to more than a year. What’s more, a recent analysis by The Associated Press found that 53.6 percent of those with bachelor’s degrees under age 25 were jobless or underemployed, a 12.6 percent increase in the past decade.

“A vast majority of today’s unemployed baby boomers are seasoned executives with severance packages who are now looking for new ways to invest in their future. This trend, coupled with a bleak job market for today’s college graduates, has led more and more parents to partner with their children and invest in themselves by opening a franchise,” said Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source, the nation’s leading career and franchise business coaching network.

Parent-child partners find franchising to be a lucrative vehicle to entrepreneurship because it offers easy-to-follow systems and combines the many benefits of business ownership with a brand name, experience, proven operating system, and ongoing guidance and support provided by an established franchisor. Prospective entrepreneurs are also attracted to the countless types of franchise business opportunities available.

“Finding a franchise concept that allows everyone to leverage their skill set is imperative when identifying the right opportunity for a multigenerational partnership. Even if the parent isn’t fully engrained in the business – leaving their child to run the operations – they should still have an interest in the concept and be able to utilize their experience or skills to provide support,” Powell added. “When everyone is active in the business, we often find the parents handling jobs that require local connections while the children take care of day-to-day operations and online marketing.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source hosts educational webinars to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to start building the blueprint to reach their desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity. Visit www.theentrepreneurssource.com/franchise/ to get started.


The Entrepreneur’s Source | Interested in Entrepreneurship? The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself is: Why?

Studies show that 75 percent of the adult population has a strong to very strong desire to be self-sufficient, yet only five percent are ready, willing and able to act on that desire on their own. Business coaches with The Entrepreneur’s Source say that, with proper coaching and guidance, the other 70 percent can also attain independence.

While business ownership is not for everyone, but The Entrepreneur’s Source coaches create a safe space, allowing people to dream without having to make a decision prematurely. In fact, 95 percent of the company’s clients end up discovering options they admittedly would have never looked at on their own or would have previously dismissed.

To help promising entrepreneurs cut through the clutter and identify the soundest business opportunities, the nation’s leading career and franchise business coaching network offers advice on how to effectively explore the best possibilities and evaluate options by starting with “why.”

“When considering any major life change, especially a career move or pursuing entrepreneurship, it’s crucial to start at the beginning and ask yourself ‘why,’” says Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “Doing so will allow you to understand what possibilities are available and how to effectively refine your options in order to identify the best opportunity that will become your vehicle for success. We always ask prospective entrepreneurs: If you looked at your life a year from today, what has to have happened during that period—both personally and professionally—for you to be happy with your progress?”

To start on the right path towards business ownership, local area coaches suggest the following:

Explore Possibilities: Increased levels of fear and uncertainty in today’s workplace don’t leave much room for inspiration. In fact, when was the last time you felt inspired? Think back to when you were a child and the possibilities were unlimited; you felt like you could do anything. You had the ability to focus on the end goal, not the obstacles in the way. Maybe it’s time to regain that way of thinking and redefine those goals.

Evaluate Options: Now that you established your vision as it relates to your short and long-term goals, it’s time to think about the best way to achieve your dream: your career option. Relying on the corporate world to carry you through your productive years and into retirement is not only unrealistic; it’s also not likely to produce your desired results.

Consider the three most common career options: career path, business ownership, and stocks and real estate. What are the pros and cons of climbing the corporate ladder toward retirement? How will starting your own business enhance your lifestyle now and later in life? Will investing in the stock market or real estate build enough wealth and equity for your future? With your experience, knowledge and skills, what is the most viable option to reach your goals? Maybe it’s a mixture of the three. Keep an open mind; you never know what ideas will pass you by if you don’t.

Starting with these three options to answer “why” will set the foundation for effectively exploring the best possibilities and evaluating options to realize dreams of business ownership.