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The Entrepreneur’s Source Shares 3 Key Advantages of Franchises

The Entrepreneur’s Source COO Brian Miller outlines 3 key distinct advantages owning a franchise has over starting an independent business.

  • A recognizable brand name
  • A proven operating system
  • Ongoing support, training and education

While there are many successful independent businesses, most have to be built from the ground up. In contrast, investing into an established franchise system provides a proven business model to rely on.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Presents: How to Shift from Employment to Empowerment

People are no longer empowered by the predictability of the career paths they have been on. The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell and Brand Manager Tamara Loring discuss the evolution of empowerment and what it means to shift away from reactive employment, toward a more proactive approach. Terry and Tamara provide tips on taking control of one’s own destiny and explain why empowerment is based upon the concept of self-sufficiency.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell Shares the Key to Smart Investing

The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell discusses why diversification is the key to proper investing and how the shift in investment interest has come about. Terry Powell shares tips on reallocating reactive investments into proactive investments, such as business ownership or franchising, and placing control back into the investor’s hands.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Presents: What Makes a Good Franchisor?

Terry Powell and The Entrepreneur’s Source Present:

Brand Manager Jason Miller identifies some key characteristics of a good franchisor, including:

• Strong marketing and support systems
• Business blueprint others can follow
• Proven system of success
• Focus on successful franchisees


The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell Gives Career Advice for Recent College Grads

The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell says recent college graduates should be prepared for the possibility of changing their career path as many as six to eight times across the next 40 years.  Terry also shares why many recent college grads are choosing to open businesses and take the entrepreneurial route.