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Should You Be an Entrepreneur? The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Self-Evaluation Questions

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Self-Evaluation Questions 

Each month, over one million people search for a way to start their own business. If you are one of the million considering entrepreneurship, ask yourself:

  • Have you ever had the dream of being self-sufficient?
  • Have you ever thought there has to be a better way?
  • Have you ever thought the possibilities and options that exist beyond what you have been doing must be far more exciting than what you are doing now?

If ‘yes’ is the resounding answer, you owe it to yourself to once and for all consider your options outside of the typical career path. Find out how at the Start a Business Weekend.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews How Franchisors can Improve National Lead Generation

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews How to Improve Lead Generation 

Did you know…

  • The average franchisor spends upwards of $6,000 on national advertising efforts every month
  • The average closing ratio for national lead generation is between .05 and 1 percent

Franchisors invest a lot of energy, time and money for a low closing ratio. Maintaining an in-house sales team requires investing significant dollars in salaries/commissions to fund that individual or team to find franchisee candidates. Also, consider franchise fee bottom lines and monthly national advertising efforts.

Compare those numbers to an investment in The Entrepreneur’s Source. The numbers will show that the long-term value of each individual franchisee E-Source finds will continually generate a strong ROI across the next three, five and even 10 years.

Consider these factors when evaluating your lead generation efforts:

  • Compare your current investment system in place for lead generations vs. utilizing the resources available from The Entrepreneur’s Source
    • ROI and return on time much greater with E-Source
    • E-Source focuses on the value of individual franchisee, and identifies quality over quantity
  • Using E-Source provides an average closing ratio of 1 out of 10 instead of 1 out of 100

When franchisors consider both the short and long term ROI of utilizing a lead generation resource like E-Source, other options will pale in comparison.



The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell: Take Control of Your Investments

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell: Take Control of Investments

As addressed in Terry’s  Top 5 Tips for Smart Investing blog post, those who make reactive investments into their financial futures risk the uncertainty of whether they will able to pay their bills when they retire and whether they will be afforded the type of lifestyle they desire.

The bottom line is, investing in the market while there is upside potential basically means investing in the vagaries of the market as well.

“No one has any idea what is going to happen, and essentially, investors put their money in other people’s hands,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell, “They believe others may be smarter than they are or potentially have a better handle on what is going to happen. The reality is that no one knows.”

The question investors have to ask themselves is:

  • Who is better at making decisions about how to handle their money?
  • Who do they trust more?

Many individuals trust themselves more.

The savvy investors today are taking control of their own destinies and turning reactive investments into proactive ones that they control.

Taking money out of reactive investments and putting it into something over which they have control, such as a franchise business opportunity, lends to the potential for an even greater return on their own business investment.  Instead of putting their money in somebody else’s hands and relying on that person’s wisdom or the vagaries of the economy or the market, people are able to take control of their own destinies.



Career Complaints? Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell on Overcoming Battered Career Syndrome

Nearly half of all middle-class Americans are not confident in their ability to save sufficiently for retirement. In the post-recession economy, workers are still struggling to gain a foothold on their professional growth. Work satisfaction surveys point an even gloomier employment picture.

Battered Career Syndrome means being subjected to the frustration of turning to the next career path in the company you work for, and then being downsized, right sized or let go, and then having to start over again,” said Terry Powell founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “It is when you find out your job has been outsourced, disappeared, or that the company has cut back. Battered Career Syndrome is something that exists in a very large percentage of employment situations today.”

A franchise coaching environment can help people look at battered career syndrome from a different perspective and realize there are other options. Franchise coaching helps people move into an environment where they can take control and no longer be employed.

In fact, it encourages a shift from being employed to being empowered, and it allows franchisees to employ people and upsize, creating a positive impact on the economy, the franchise employees and the franchisee’s return on investment. Franchise coaching can turn reactive investments to proactive ones while helping to get people out of the cycle of banging their heads against the wall from frustration over Battered Career Syndrome.



The Entrepreneur’s Source Founder Terry Powell: The New Normal Career Path

Today’s career path has entirely changed. The Entrepreneur’s Source refers to this change as the new normal, but there is nothing normal about it: It is simply what we have to adapt to.

“Outsourcing is a way of life. The borderless aspect of a digital revolution makes outsourcing jobs easier and impacts our economy. These are just things we need to adapt to and live with,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell.

The beauty of the new normal is the creation of new business opportunities and job segments that allow people to continue on a job path. The new normal has brought opportunity for more people to realize that it is time to become self-sufficient.

“More people are realizing that it is time to take control of their destinies. Being the laborer or the worker bee and giving their souls to their careers for corporate America is no longer the typical choice of most pragmatic people.”