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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: Why is Now a Good Time for Franchising?

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: Why is Now a Good Time for Franchising?

If you’ve always dreamed of establishing self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship, then now is a great time to make this dream a reality. Wondering why? Well, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews the top three reasons why now is a great time to enter the world of franchising.

Franchise Growth
Virtually every category within the franchising sector is experiencing growth. Franchise businesses are expected to grow at a faster rate and create more jobs than the rest of the economy in 2014, according to The Franchise Business Economic Outlook 2014 developed by IHS Global. Similarly, the number of franchises is expected to grow by nearly 13,000 in 2014 – a 0.3 percent increase from last year.

Although there truly never is a bad time to invest in a franchise, opting in during a time of economic growth is specifically great because it allows an entrepreneur enter into the business during a period when the sector is thriving. When franchises experience growth, this means that their customers are coming into their stores and purchasing their products, helping in boosting the economy. As the economy shows signs of recovery, customers begin to feel more secure and consumer spending tends to increase, aiding in future franchise growth.

Franchises need people to run them, and due to the high unemployment rate, it shouldn’t be difficult for a franchise owner to find people to run his or her franchise. In fact, franchises are expected to add around 200,000 new jobs in 2014. Due to a flood of corporate layoffs and downsizing across America since the recession, franchise owners will have a giant pool of qualified and eager job candidates to select from to run their business. By investing in a franchise now, franchisees are simultaneously aiding in providing jobs to unemployed Americans.

Incentive Programs
Due to the economic recession, many banks began slowing down on lending. To combat this financing issue, many franchise brands have create their own franchise incentive or financing programs for both first time prospects and multi-unit owners. In fact, Steve Caldiera, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA) reported that as many as 100 franchise brands offer original financing solutions, such as discounts or refunded franchising fees, to aid in franchise ownership and that this number is expected to increase.

Similarly, many franchise brands are also offering discounts or incentives to women, minorities and veterans to aid them in entering the franchising sector.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews How a Business Coach can Help
Although now is a great time for prospective entrepreneurs to enter the franchising industry, many of these individuals don’t know where to start. With the help of a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, prospective franchisees can explore existing franchise opportunities and how they may be able to translate into a franchise fit. E-Source coaches help potential franchisees identify their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E) goals to help them in moving from Employment to Empowerment.

For more information about how you can turn your business ownership dreams into a reality, contact a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source by visiting this website: http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/coaching.html.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Welcomes Art Coley to Advisory Board

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Welcomes Art Coley to Advisory Board
The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise is excited to announce Art Coley, a franchise consultant with AlphaGraphics, has joined the company’s Advisory Board. While serving on this board, Coley will have the opportunity to work with other knowledgeable and experienced franchise executives to give leadership and perspective to entrepreneurs. The Advisory Board aims to help entrepreneurs find the right path in franchising and small business ownership.

“Coley, along with other members of the Advisory Board, will be providing valuable perspectives, experience, and guidance to our team as we celebrate our 30th year in business,” said Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise and Franchise Source Brands International. “Coley’s strong entrepreneurial background and proven success in brand growth makes him an excellent addition to the Advisory Board.”

Art Coley’s History in Franchising
Coley has a phenomenal track record, becoming a true entrepreneur at a young age by opening, owning and managing a burger restaurant a when he was just 15 years old. After attending college at the University of Houston, Coley joined ICED – an alliance of franchised printing and copying centers. Coley served many roles during his time at ICED, from Director of Public Relations to President and VP of Franchise Development of Computer Explorers (an ICED brand).

Between his positions at ICED, Coley found time to return to his family restaurant, where he raised sales by more than 600 percent. The restaurant was recognized as one of the “Top 50” family-owned businesses in Texas by the Baylor University School of Business, and Coley was named “Business Man of the Year” by the Temple Chamber of Commerce.

In 2007, Coley joined AlphaGraphics as the head of global development and was soon promoted to president and CEO in January 2012. During his tenure at AlphaGraphics, he helped secure more than 300 franchise agreements, ensuring the brand’s persistent prosperity. Feeling that his work at AlphaGraphics was accomplished, Coley stepped down as president and CEO and is now a consultant for the company.

Coley has worked with The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise through his 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and is excited about the opportunity to serve on the FSBI advisory board.

“I have personally collaborated with The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise for more than 10 years and they have been one of my most important partners in growing the brands that I’ve been responsible for,” Coley said. “They have brought me a few hundred franchisee partner’s over the course of my relationship with them, and I couldn’t be more excited to help with the growth of their brand.”


The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Featured in Entrepreneur Speaking on Reputation Management

Dealing with a reputation problem can be tricky, but The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell has mastered the art over the years. Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source, spoke to Entrepreneur about the importance of being constantly alert and careful when using social media in a franchise business system. Powell explained that one bad customer or franchisee experience at just one of a brand’s franchise locations has the power to tarnish a brand’s reputation, and this is why all franchise brands should have a solid reputation management strategy in place. Powell demonstrated in his interview how easy it is for unhappy franchisees or customers to taint a brand in today’s Internet age and the importance of constantly managing a brand’s online image.

Read the entire story here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238468


The Entrepreneur’s Source Names U.S. Army Veteran and Entrepreneur as Client of the Year

Infantryman, Paratrooper and Leader of Men – three titles that describe the recipient of this year’s The Entrepreneur’s Source Client of the Year Award. Keith Orr, Sergeant First Class U.S. Army and franchisee of Handyman Matters of Northern Delaware, received the prestigious award from the company’s annual conference this past September. After serving in the U.S. Army for nearly a quarter century, Orr knew entrepreneurship was the right path for him and turned to a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source for guidance.

Orr’s Honorable Service in the U.S. Army
Now a retired U.S. Army veteran, Orr began his prominent, 24-year-long career in the Army as a Private but rapidly moved up in rank. Throughout his time of service, Orr held numerous chief leadership positions including Fire Team Leader, Squad Leader, Ammunition Chief, Operations NCO, Infantry Platoon Sergeant, Bradley Section Leader, Platoon Sergeant/Master Gunner and finally Senior Instructor/Writer. In his final position with the U.S. Army, his daily duties were mostly managerial and he seized the opportunity to prepare for his departure into civilian life.

Orr’s Journey with The Entrepreneur’s Source
Orr met Matt Thornton, his coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source and now friend, at a “Hiring Our Heroes” career fair in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Orr and Thorton worked together to find an entrepreneurial path that would make possible the lifestyle that Orr wanted for himself and his family, in addition to employing his highly developed skills.

After exploring his Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals and going through the Discovery Process, Handyman Matters, a home repair and handyman service franchise, seemed to be the perfect fit for Orr. After investing and building his franchise, Orr found quick success – he turned a profit in just his eighth month of business. As a business coach, Thorton could not have been more proud of Orr’s franchise ownership success.

“It has been a pleasure working with Keith,” said Thorton. “His leadership, management, critical thinking and teamwork skills developed through 24 years in the U.S. Army prepared him well for entrepreneurship. Keith followed the E-Source Discovery Process and determined Handyman Matters was a good fit for him. We will continue to help each other as we grow our businesses.”

When looking at franchise opportunities, Orr was specifically looking for an autonomous business, especially the relationship between franchisees and the trust between franchisor and franchisee. This “family feel” was what first attracted Orr to Handyman Matters. Beyond working together to identify his best franchise concept, Orr and Thornton still collaborate monthly.

“[Thornton’s] very interested in helping veterans, so I’ve been giving him insight into how to connect with them and show his value in the community,” said Orr. “In return, he talks to me about how to navigate the business world; he’s been a business coach and a great resource to me.”

In Thornton’s words, Keith is everything respectable about this country and is well worthy of this award. Orr reentered the civilian world after over two decades serving our country and has been thriving as a new entrepreneur. His success spans decades, countries and industries and will not stop at this first entrepreneurial venture.

For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source and how you can move from Employment to Empowerment, visit our website today


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews How Social Media Can Help Your Franchise Search Process

Social media has officially taken over – an overwhelming majority (74 percent) of individuals who have access to the internet reportedly use social media sites, according to the Pew Research Center. Although many people fear how social media may be negatively impacting our society and communication, utilizing social media can also have profound benefits, specifically for prospective entrepreneurs.

For aspiring franchise owners, social media can be used as a tool to explore potential franchise opportunities while still in the research phase of exploring business ownership. Not sure where to begin your social media research? The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews three great ways to utilize these networks when conducting research of franchise opportunities.

Turn to your Social Circle
Before the days of social media sites and search engines, entrepreneurs’ first stop in researching a brand was commonly consulting with their friends, family, neighbors, colleagues etc. Even in today’s digital era, these same contacts can be a great first stop for entrepreneurs when researching a brand or business opportunity, and with social media this can be made much easier.

When browsing social media websites, you can easily access what your friends and family members are reading, viewing, sharing and talking about – all from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. In today’s day and age, a “like” or “follow of a brand by an individual in your social network may basically serves as a virtual referral. Similarly, a “share” of a news story related to a specific brand on social media can give entrepreneurs inside access to trends in the industry and consumer behavior. These shares, likes and follows can have a word-of-mouth effect on the brand’s reputation, impacting whether or not you should explore that franchise opportunity further.

Cut through the Clutter
In a similar sense, social media has a “grass roots” effect in your social media circle, and entrepreneurs should take advantage of this feature. When beginning franchise research, start by asking your social media network how they feel about a specific brand. Asking for a reference or opinion can help you to further investigate a brand or franchise concept. This can allow entrepreneurs to break through the marketing and advertising of the actual brand and go deeper into the consumers’ mind, gauging if they have favorable reactions or experiences with the company.

Prospective entrepreneurs similarly should expose themselves to industry discussions. LinkedIn has thousands of existing groups dedicated to specific topics, such as entrepreneurship, business ownership and franchising. By joining these groups and entering into the discussions, entrepreneurs can gain better access to insider information in the industry they are looking to join as well as become knowledgeable of industry news and trends.

Connect with a Coach
Many people think of LinkedIn as a resource to use to connect with professionals that an individual has already met. However, in terms of the entrepreneurial world, many franchise coaches and professionals are enthusiastic about connecting and conversing with aspiring entrepreneurs without actually having met in person. For example, Mark Myette, area developer and business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, said that he has received a wide number of LinkedIn invitations from individuals in franchising looking to learn about specific opportunities.

“I will not only accept the invitation, but I will message that individual with an invitation to have a follow-up conversation to learn about them, what they do and what they’re hoping to accomplish,” Myette said. “I educate them about the services The Entrepreneur’s Source provides, like a free discovery experience, to help them figure out if business ownership is something that would make sense for them.”

Social media can be a powerful tool for aspiring franchise owners to take advantage of in the brand research process. For more information about how social media can enhance your franchise investigation method or on how a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can guide you through this process, visit our website today http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/.