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The Entrepreneur’s Source Explores the F Words that May Hold You Back from Self-Sufficiency

The Entrepreneur’s Source Explores the F Words that May Hold You Back from Self-Sufficiency

If the pathway to self-sufficiency was free of obstacles and challenges, then everyone would take it. Unfortunately, obstacles and challenges do exist and they sometimes prevent individuals from taking the leap to business ownership.

When an individual starts to consider job opportunities outside of the standard, corporate 9-5 options, they will inevitably run into what The Entrepreneur’s Source calls the F words: Frustration, fear, financial constraints, family and friends. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source examines these obstacles that may be holding people back from reaching their ultimate dream of self-reliance.

Those who suffer from the Battered Career Syndrome know frustrations all too well: Feeling unappreciated in the workplace, staying in a dead-end job with no room for growth, not feeling inspired by the work they are doing. When examining frustrations, there are two different kinds: Healthy – the motivational kind, and unhealthy – the form that can become paralyzing. Regardless of if you’re suffering from the healthy or unhealthy kind of frustration, you can learn to channel your frustration by exploring your alternative career options.

Big or small, we all suffer from fears, but when it comes to fears associated with one’s career, these fears tend to become overwhelming and taxing. Most people worry about limited career options, if they possess transferable skills, keeping up with technology systems and the like. However, when deciding to move from Employment to Empowerment, the biggest fear most people encounter is the fear of self-employment. Other common fears include fear of change, fear of the unknown and fear of success. When an individual is able to recognize these fears and channel them to become motivation, then they truly will have the ability to overcome them.

Financial Constraints
Many people ward off the idea of investing in a business opportunity because they don’t think that they are financially able. However, what most people don’t initially understand is that there is an abundance of ways to finance a business and there are plentiful financing options available to small business owners and franchisees. However, no matter what financial state an individual is in, they will likely be able to find a financing option for their unique needs.

Family and Friends
Family and friends may be the most unlikely of sources that may hold you back from achieving your entrepreneurial dreams, but their holdup may be a reality for some. Whether an individual has the support of his or her friends in achieving their dreams may be the single most important factor whether an individual will eventually decide to leave their traditional career behind. Investing in a business opportunity is a risk, and this sometimes this may worry friends and family members that rely on an aspiring entrepreneur. However, it’s important to remember that staying in a stagnant career is also a risk, and friends and family members should be reminded of this as well.

An individual doesn’t have to experience all four of these obstacles to become debilitated in their ability to become an entrepreneurial, it just takes one. Realizing and being able to identify these obstacles exist is the first step in the process of trying to overcome them and ultimately reaching self-sufficiency.

For more information and assistance with overcoming these obstacles, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 2015’s Projected Franchise Growth

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 2015’s Projected Franchise Growth

Good news for the franchising industry continues for the fifth consecutive year, as International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Franchise Business Economic Outlook report for 2015 revealed that the franchise industry is predicted to grow and create jobs faster than the rest of the economy.

“Franchising is an American success story. Independently-owned and operated local franchise businesses are growing faster, creating more jobs at a quicker pace and producing higher sales growth than other businesses. Franchising is a vital engine of economic expansion in the United States and 2015 looks to be another strong year for franchise businesses,” said IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira.

The growth in the number of franchise establishments, franchise output and franchise brands’ contributions to U.S. gross domestic product are predicted to exceed 2014’s growth. Below, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews some of the key findings that the report outlines:

Key Findings from the Franchise Business Economic Outlook Report:

  • Franchises are predicted to add 247,000 new jobs this year, a 2.9 percent increase to 8.8 million direct jobs, over last year. That is on top of the 235,000 franchise jobs that were added in 2014.
  • The number of franchise establishments is expected to grow this year by 12,111, or 1.6 percent, to 781,794.
  • Economic output from franchise businesses is estimated to increase by 5.4 percent over last year to $889 billion.
  • The gross domestic product of the franchise sector is projected to rise by 5.1 percent this year, which is faster than the 4.9 percent GDP increase forecasted for the economy as a whole.
  • The franchise sector will contribute about 3 percent of the U.S. GDP in 2015.

NLRB Ruling Still Potential Threat for Franchise Brands

Despite the promising growth potential of the franchising industry throughout 2015, there is one major area of concern for franchise brands: The National Labor Relations Board ruling. In fact, 97 percent of respondents to the IFA’s Franchise Business Leader Survey reported that they believe that the joint-employer ruling may have a negative impact on their franchise.

“Last month, the NLRB moved to upend decades of law and practice by issuing a complaint against McDonald’s saying that it should be considered a ‘joint employer’ with its franchisees. The entire business model of franchising is endangered by this ill-conceived complaint,” he said. “Hundreds of thousands of franchisees must now operate not knowing whether they should believe what their contracts clearly state, that they are in charge of their own work place practices, including setting wages and hours, or that the corporations from which they license their trademarks are also responsible for those things. The ruling could put the brakes on what looks like a banner year of accelerated growth and job creation in the franchise sector.”

Despite the impending fate of this decision, prospective franchisees are encouraged to take advantage of franchise brand’s growth potential in 2015. For aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in a franchise in 2015 but aren’t sure where to start, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.


Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source – Don’t Forget to Participate in the Online Scavenger Hunt!

Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source – Don’t Forget to Participate in the Online Scavenger Hunt!

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews the Franchise Industry’s Effect on the Job Market

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews the Franchise Industry’s Effect on the Job Market

When making the transition from Employment to Empowerment  by investing in a franchise concept and leveraging it as a vehicle to attain your personal Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) Goals, not only does if affect you, but it can profoundly aid the job market. By becoming self-employed as a franchise owner, you will have the power to hire others to work in your business. Many franchise concepts require a franchise owner to hire one or maybe multiple employees, and this can be quite beneficial to the American economy and job market. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews the franchise industry’s positive impact on the job market.

The Franchise Industry as a Job Creator
The franchising sector is one of the leaders in job growth and employment in the U.S, helping to drive the economy into a time of economic progression. In fact, franchise businesses have repeatedly outpaced other industries in quarterly job growth, reported Entrepreneur.com. In fact, franchise jobs account for about 10 percent of all jobs in the U.S. Much of this job growth can be attributed to the increase in number of franchise businesses. According to the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) 2015 Franchise Business Economic Outlook report, in 2015, the number of franchise businesses is expected to rise by 12,111. An increased number of franchise establishments translates into a higher demand for franchise employees.

Since 2007, the franchise industry has created more jobs faster than all other areas of the business, the IFA reported. In 2014, franchise businesses had a job growth rate of 2.7 percent compared to 2.2 percent of all other industries. By the tail end of this year, franchise job growth is expected to reach 2.7 percent, adding nearly 250,000 news jobs to the U.S. economy.

Currently, there are more than 8.5 million jobs in franchising, and in 2015 this number is predicted to grow to 8.8 million. These jobs range in a wide area of businesses. According to the IFA report, job makeup within the franchising industry is as follows:

  • 65 percent of jobs are in food and hospitality
    • 13 percent being in full service restaurants
    • 38 percent found in quick-service restaurants
    • 8 percent in lodging
    • 6 percent food retail
  • 29 percent in the service sector
    • 8 percent in personal services
    • 11 percent in business services
    • 6 percent retail products and services
    • 4 percent commercial and residential services
  • 6 percent real estate and automotive
    • 4 percent in real estate
    • 2 percent in automotive

When an individual invests in a franchise concept, they are not only employing themselves, but opening the doors for many other potential employees. In this aspect, franchise owners can be looked at as not only drivers of economic growth, but job growth as well.

Contact a Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source Today!
For individuals who are looking to join the growing franchising industry and help the franchising sector reach 200,000 new jobs in franchising each year, consider contacting an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today. E-Source coaches are trained professionals in helping prospective entrepreneurs move from Employment to Empowerment through franchise business ownership and fully exploring available franchise opportunities.

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why You Should Take Search Results with a Grain of Salt

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why You Should Take Search Results with a Grain of Salt

Nowadays, we Google everything. We turn to Google to find recipes for what to eat for dinner, to find the answers to questions that we don’t know, to conduct research for investment opportunities. Similarly, Google is oftentimes the first place that someone in career transition turns to when they want to conduct research on alternative career options.

The Internet can be a powerful tool when you know what you’re looking for, but when you are not exactly sure, the search results that come back at you are likely to paralyze and disempower you more than helping you narrow down your search. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews why those aspiring to be self-sufficient should take their search results with a grain of salt.

How Do Search Results Work?
Although Google provides an abundance of good information, it can provide bad or inaccurate information as well. We all want to rely on Google to provide us with the most accurate information, but search engines cannot guarantee that the most truthful or correct information is displayed at the top of a search result.

According to Google, their algorithm searches for websites that contain what you searched for, then assign a rank to each website based several, undisclosed influences. From there on, the “best” websites, according to the algorithm, relating to your search query are theoretically the first ones listed in the Google search result. The keyword here is: Theoretically.

Google’s search algorithms aren’t perfect; that’s why they are constantly updating and changing. For this reason, it’s important for prospective business owners or franchisees to take search results regarding a franchise’s brand with a grain of salt.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on Unreliable Websites
It’s imperative for prospective entrepreneurs and business owners to understand that not all websites have the best intentions when it comes to effectively evaluating opportunities, and falsified or incorrect information is commonly found on the Internet.

“The Internet provides a platform to share information about a business, but anonymity also means false and inaccurate information is difficult to distinguish from the truth,” Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell noted.

When researching prospective business ventures, entrepreneurs should look at each complaint and review posted online and examine if they are to be trusted or if they may have ulterior motives. For example, websites like Ripoff Report have been created as a clearinghouse for customer complaints. The website allows users to post anonymous complaints or “reports” about any business or individual – regardless of if they are true or not. If the individual or company wishes to get these untrue or falsified claims removed, they have to jump through hoops.

“Companies can’t respond, even if the claims are false,” Cassie Slan, a reporter for The Huffington Post Tech Section and BestTechie.com. When companies try to get these untrue complaints removed, they often have to pay a steep fee ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, according to Forbes.

However unreliable websites, like Ripoff Report, tend to rank very high in Google searches, leaving attacked people and companies defenseless in its storm. Because of this, it’s important for prospective franchisees to take search rankings with a grain of salt and to learn how to be mindful when researching a business or franchise opportunity.

“Reputations are also shaped from opinion, and the Internet allows for the opinions of few to be seen by many,” The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell said. “Once a negative opinion has been published online, whether through a complaint, review or social media posting, the damaging effects are instant and powerful.”

How to Conduct Good Franchise Opportunity Research
Just because some review websites like Ripoff Report are fraudulent doesn’t mean all review sites are. Websites like The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and The International Franchise Association (IFA) offer reviews of franchise systems and franchisors, but also operate on high standards for accuracy and impartiality. Because of this, they are great resources for prospective franchisees to refer to for research purposes.

Similarly, aspiring entrepreneurs should consult multiple website, such as those for the BBB and IFA, when checking if reviews or claims are accurate to ensure that they are getting more than one side of the story. Utilizing credible websites, such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Inc.com in the research process is suggested because they are held to high journalistic standards, so publishing falsified information can lead to libel or defamation lawsuits. But in addition to all of this, we would encourage you to align with a coach. Coaching allows you to tackle things form a different perceptive, it helps you see possibilities perhaps where you previously saw none, it challenges your limiting beliefs and possibly some misconceptions, it really could open up a world that you never knew existed.

Contact a Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source Today!
A great way for you to certify that you won’t be bombarded with untruthful information research is to turn to with a business coach. Having a  coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source guide a future franchisee through the research process will position them to find accurate information because coaches are trained professionals in the franchise industry and know the ins and outs of each brand and will easily be able to identify a true claim from a false one.

For more information about how coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise can help you in your franchise search, contact a business coach today.