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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why You’re Never Too Old (or Too Young) to Join a Franchise

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why You’re Never Too Old (or Too Young) to Join a Franchise

Who do you see when you picture a franchisee? Do you see a fresh-out-of-college, Mark Zuckerberg type dressed in a hoodie and jeans? Or maybe you see an older, more seasoned gentleman in a suit and tie? Or maybe you envision an ageless woman powering through and aiming to break the stereotype of the prominence of men in franchising.

What are we trying to get at here? Today’s franchisees come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and ethnicities. However, now more than ever the franchise industry is turning from an old boy’s club to an industry in which individuals of every age are capitalizing on. People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are all entering the franchise sector.

In today’s franchise world, age is just a number and in reality, you’re never too old or too young to pursue your dream of leveraging a business to accomplish your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) Goals. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews the wide array of generations currently turning to franchising to become autonomous in their careers and capitalize on a booming industry.

Millennials in Franchising
Rewind 10 years, and you probably wouldn’t have found a large amount of young adults in their early 20s and 30s in the franchise industry. However, this norm has forever changed since the 2008 recession hit and changed the job market for these workers.

Today, more than 50 percent of Millennials – or those born between 1980 and the mid-2000s – with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 are jobless or underemployed, reports The Associated Press. Millennials have been plagued with entering the job market at a time where it isn’t too welcoming for them. When the recession hit, many companies downsized and kept their most capable employees, not wanting to take on the more unskilled and less experienced Millennials. This has caused Millennials to become wary of working in corporate America due to decreasing job security and low employer loyalty – driving many of these individuals to turn to alternative career options like franchising.

“Millennials are a generation driven by risk and innovation,” The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell said. “With limited job opportunities and natural independent drive, the entrepreneurship and stability of franchising is an appealing career path for Millennials.”

Many individuals unfairly plaster this generation with negative characteristics, but in fact, many of these so-called “bad” Millennial characteristics are good for entrepreneurship. Millennials are commonly negatively accused of wanting to live luxuriously, being impatient and relying on technology. Whether these characteristics are true isn’t the point. All three of these qualities are commonly viewed as negative, but when applying them to entrepreneurship they can actually be translated into strengths.

Generation X in Franchising
Generation X – or those born between 1960 and 1980 – are oftentimes dubbed as the “neglected middle child” generation, oftentimes being overshadowed by their older and younger “siblings” the Baby Boomers and Millennials, respectively. However, when it comes to franchising, they’re taken very seriously and are integrated into the sector.

The biggest factor driving individuals from Generation X to move to the franchise industry is their overwhelming pessimism about their ability to retire. According to the Pew Research Center, a near majority – 44 percent – of people in Generation X aren’t confident about their ability to retire. When the recession hit, many Generation X-ers found themselves as the victim of widespread company layoffs in corporate America, leaving them at a crossroads of where to turn for employment.

Similarly, many individuals in Generation X chose the route of franchise business ownership due to the increased control over employment and their future. These individuals are in the period of their lives where they’re raising their children and need to provide for their families and need to start planning for their future. Franchising offers many lifestyle benefits for these individuals, such as increased flexibility in their work schedule and a better work-life balance – two things Generation X-ers greatly desire. This added benefit of becoming a franchisee rather than continuing to work in corporate America is ideal for Generation X.

Baby Boomers in Franchising
Similar to those individuals in Generation X, a large percentage of Baby Boomers aren’t confident in their ability to retire as they near retirement age. According to a recent Gallup poll, one in 10 Baby Boomers predicts that they will never retire and nearly 50 percent don’t expect to retire until they’re at least 66 years old. In fact, the average retirement age has steadily risen from the age of 57 to 61 over the past 20 years.

Not all of this is due to the stagnant and unpromising job market, especially for older individuals who corporate America commonly characterizes as being “old school.” Many Baby Boomers are willingly choosing to prolong their careers because they want to keep busy. A great option for an alternative second-act-career for Baby Boomers is entrepreneurship through franchising.

“A vast majority of today’s unemployed Baby Boomers are seasoned executives with severance packages who are now looking for new ways to invest in their future,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell. “The Baby Boomer generation [wants] a ‘second act’ career that offers independence as well as benefits and structure, which is often found in franchising.”

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Need to be a Tradeoff

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Need to be a Tradeoff

In today’s career economy, 76 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, according to CNN Money. These over-exhausted corporate employees hardly have any time or money to do anything other than keep their families afloat. Because of the competitiveness of the job market, people are taking jobs with lower salaries and yet are putting in more time, energy and effort.

In today’s financial environment, it has become nearly impossible to earn an income, maintain a lifestyle and build a nest egg without major sacrifice. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews why work-life balance doesn’t need to be a tradeoff and how moving from Employment to Empowerment may be the answer.

The Problem with Trade Offs
Employees working in corporate America are forced to make many trade-offs to keep their jobs in this competitive job market. Some employees spend hours a day commuting to and from work to earn a steady paycheck. Some decide to relocate with their companies to keep up with the rat race. Others are pressured to work overtime without being paid extra to get all of their work completed instead of telling their higher up that they have too much on their plate. In fact, Americans work more hours than any other industrialized country in the world.

Most workers make these sacrifices to better provide for their families, when in reality, they are missing out on their children’s dance recitals, school plays and baseball games. They oftentimes miss out on date nights or going out with friends because they simply are too exhausted once they get home from work to socialize. Americans not only work more hours than other developed countries, but we also take fewer vacations, work longer work days and retire at an older age. Although it’s most often with the best intentions, these individuals trade in time with their children and spouses to log in more hours for the security of a steady paycheck, but this security no longer exists.

While we’re doing all of this, we’re spending our time and energy working on someone else’s dream and contributing to their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity – not yours or our family’s. This realization doesn’t come easy and may be frustrating, but it’s time to set this frustration aside and to channel it into change.

Move from Employment to Empowerment
Take a minute to ponder this question: What would happen if you started spending all of those countless hours at the office instead doing something for yourself? What would your life look like and how would you feel? If this vision of yourself is appealing, then it’s probably time for you to move from Employment to Empowerment.

Shifting away from reactive employment toward a more proactive approach, such as franchise business ownership, can be a transformative experience for not just you, but your entire family. When you invest in a franchise, you’re never in your business alone and have continuous support. Investing in an already established brand with already functional systems can allow you to build the Income, Wealth, Equity and Lifestyle that you’ve always desired without many of the dreaded tradeoffs that corporate America forces workers to make.

Work-life balance doesn’t need to be a tradeoff. You have the power to take control of your career and define what career and personal happiness means to you. With franchise business ownership as a vehicle, any future is possible.

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If you’re looking to take control of your future and finally achieve self-sufficiency without the undesirable tradeoffs, then contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise today. E-Source coaches can help guide you through a Discovery Process in which you can establish your unique Income, Wealth, Equity and Lifestyle Goals to help you uncover your Possibilities, Options and Dreams.

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on Ridding Yourself of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on Ridding Yourself of Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real)

In corporate America, work satisfaction is low and confidence is even lower among many employees. According to a Gallup Study, over 70 percent of the U.S. employed population is unsatisfied in their careers. Working in corporate America often creates an inflexible and unpredictable atmosphere for many professionals. Even after years of hard work, a huge portion of Americans are still not confident in their ability to retire.

While the economy and job market continue to improve, why spend another year trying to survive the corporate grind and feeling like you are working on someone else’s dream instead of your own? If you identify with this feeling of distress, then you most likely are suffering from Battered Career Syndrome and it’s time to break out of the mundane 9-5 work routine and at the very least explore your options. What do you have to lose?

Is fear of the unknown holding you back from learning and exploring something new and different? What if you were to find out that the fears you may associate with self-sufficiency are based on false evidence appearing real. Would it make a difference? Would it be worth it to you to learn about what’s out there that may allow you to finally take steps toward career satisfaction and true work-life balance?

Overcoming your Fears
Fear is one of the most paralyzing hurdles facing individuals who are seeking self-sufficiency. The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise advises to recognize fear for what it most likely is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s incredibly important to keep an open mind during the process of becoming self-sufficient via business ownership to ensure that your fears don’t take over. The most successful business owners are frequently not experts within the field in which they choose to open business in – rather they are in the business of business. These individuals have figured out that doing what you know, love and enjoy does not necessarily translate to success. You don’t need to be in love with a product or service in order to be able to capitalize on it.

“We have been helping individuals explore what it takes to be self-sufficient for over 30 years, and 95 percent of the business owners we’ve helped are in a business they admittedly never would have looked at on their own or would have prematurely dismissed,” added The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell.

For more information about how you can overcome the fears blocking your path toward self-sufficiency, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today. E-Source coaches are trained in guiding their clients through the process of overcoming their fears of self-sufficiency and ultimately finding an alternative career path that can lead them to their goals and aspirations.

To contact a coach today, click here: http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.


The Entrepreneurs Source Reviews Why a Proactive Mindset is an Entrepreneur’s Best Asset

The Entrepreneurs Source Reviews Why a Proactive Mindset is an Entrepreneur’s Best Asset 

Individuals who tend to be proactive have a disposition geared toward taking intentional action, helping them create their own environment, future and fate. They don’t wait for others to make decisions or decide their future for them – they create their own path.

“In an entrepreneurial sense, this means that if you have a proactive personality you firmly believe that you control the fate of your business,” an Inc.com article noted. “Other factors – economy, competition, etc. – influence it, but you are responsible for its success.”

If this personality archetype sounds like you, then entrepreneurship via franchise ownership may be the right path for you. When it comes to franchise ownership, possessing a proactive mindset is an advantage. However, if you tend to stay reactive in situations, luckily for you this tendency can be easily transformed. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews why specifically it helps to have a proactive mindset in franchising and how you can work on transforming your mindset.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Proactivity in Franchising
Studies show that having a proactive personality can be an indicator of entrepreneurial aspirations and success. When you think about it, this makes sense. Many qualities that make for a successful entrepreneur are typically ingrained in proactive individuals. The main findings of this research stems from the idea that you can increase your likelihood of success by taking initiative more often.  Conversely, those who are reactive in nature aren’t as likely to sustain long-term success because they don’t take preemptive measures to change their results.

In terms of self-sufficiency, when you look at owning a business as a vehicle to success, possessing an active outlook is necessary. Many individuals suffering from Battered Career Syndrome make the decision to leave their corporate 9-5 job to have a bigger say and more control over their future by ultimately becoming self-sufficient. Having this hands-on worth ethic to take your future into your own hands is a sign of being proactive and can be a great fit for franchising.

As a franchisee, you are the decision maker in your business and you are responsible for the fate of your franchise entity. Although you have support of the franchisor and other franchisees in the system and the system guardrails are designed to save yourself significant time, energy and money, you will call the shots and others working at your establishment will rely on you for guidance and authority. Proactively taking measures and action to grow your franchise, communicate with employees and make sure that everything is running smoothly is essential to running your business.

Transform Your Attitude from Reactive to Proactive
If you don’t have a tendency toward taking proactive measures, don’t fret. Luckily for you, mindsets aren’t set in stone and can be dramatically transformed fairly quickly. Mindsets are self-created and are a measure of how much you believe and strive to influence your personal environment. Each individual has total control over his or her mindset; it is not forced upon you. Your attitude is about how you look at and respond to situations, and by consciously working on changing your attitude you truly can achieve a more positive outlook. In addition, it helps to surround yourself with forward-thinking individuals, people who will model behavior and respectfully challenge you on your blind spots.

Self-sufficiency is a process and doesn’t happen overnight, and to ultimately achieving this dream it may take some personal work. Do you want to make the decision to work toward becoming a more proactive individual? Well, the good news for you is this is the first step in transforming your mindset. Making the decision that you want to become more proactive in itself is an active measure. To continue transforming your mindset, start with these small steps which can make big differences:

  • Turn a negative situation into a positive situation (there is always opportunity, even if the opportunity is, leaving a bad situation behind)
  • Find a minor problem and consciously tackle it head on
  • Embrace a change in your life rather than fearing it
  • Set a small goal, and pursue it until you reach it
  • Take fault for something, and shake it off

By consciously deciding to take these simple, smaller actions, you can help shift your tendency towards becoming more proactive – which can help you on your dream to becoming self-sufficient.

Contact an Alternative Career Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source
You don’t have to be alone in your mindset transformation. An alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise can help guide you through the process. To contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, visit this website: http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.


3 Pillars of Coaching at The Entrepreneur’s Source: Leadership, Relationship and Opportunity

3 Pillars of Coaching at The Entrepreneur’s Source: Leadership, Relationship and Opportunity

At The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise, alternative career coaches are people who you can trust. It’s their job and passion to form a valuable bond with each client in which they can guide the client toward a future that’s in the clients’ best interest.

“Coaching is about listening to and looking at the individual client’s goals, needs and expectations, and then allowing them to learn more about vehicles that have the potential to meet these goals, needs and expectations in a safe space,” said founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell.

Over our 30 years in business, The Entrepreneur’s Source has refined its coaching methodology to revolve around three pillars of coaching: Leadership, relationship and opportunity. Without these three elements, a coaching relationship wouldn’t be effective or beneficial. At The Entrepreneur’s Source, each coach is trained to excel in each of these pillars to help each client to the maximum. Today, we break these three pillars down.

When a client first turns to an alternative career coach, one of the biggest things they tend to seek is leadership and guidance. They ask themselves, Who can lead me out of this mess and guide me to a better life?”  They often fear the complexity of the journey that lies ahead and may have even started on this path previously but turned back as their uncertainties and worries arose. These individuals don’t desire working at the process alone and instead are seeking help and direction.

These people are looking for the kind of leadership that provides direction and a safe environment to learn, grow and explore their options. Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source help their clients by providing them the structure by which they can find their internal compass to lead them through their journey to self-sufficiency. If for any reason they veer off the path, a coach will be there to lead them back in the right direction, providing the guidance and leadership that is required.

Many employees in corporate America have come to the realization that the systems, institutions and organizations which they depended on in the past are no longer reliable or trustworthy. The relationship pillar of the coaching partnership seeks the answer to the nagging question, “Who can I trust to help me?”

The coaching methodology at The Entrepreneur’s Source helps to fill this void, introducing you to a win-win relationship with your coach that you can count on. Our coaches are in the business of bettering people’s lives and futures, and they don’t succeed unless their clients reach a point of clarity about the options that exist for them to a better career and personal happiness. This relationship is formed as a byproduct of empowering clients to see their options clearly and working to create a bond that brings their relationship to a place of trust. This relationship has the ultimate potential to open up a world of possibilities for each client striving to become self-sufficient.

Once the first two pillars have been established, each client can begin to see beyond his or her blind spots and embrace the possibilities they never considered before. This pillar is introduced when an individual aspiring to become self-sufficient asks themselves “What Possibilities, Options and Dreams do I have?”

Each coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source helps their clients explore what their unique Possibilities, Options and Dreams may be and evaluate which options exist to help their clients achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) Goals. Working with a trusted coach who provides direction makes it easy for clients to explore their options – conventional and unconventional – in a safe space. Being able to see clearly and focus on new opportunities can help them better see what opportunities may lay ahead, better enabling each individual’s mindset and career to blossom.

For more information about what an E-Source coach may be able to offer you, contact a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise today http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.