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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: Why Attend Start a Business Weekend?

A successful career begins with one step. If you have contemplated entrepreneurship but aren’t sure how to take the first step, then Start a Business Weekend® is the event for you. Take just 30 minutes to discover opportunities and obtain information that will fuel you dreams of business ownership – all free of charge and you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

What is Start a Business Weekend®? 

Start a Business Weekend®  is a cost-free, three-day online franchise expo, powered by The Entrepreneur’s Source®. This event offers prospective or existing franchisees the ability to explore over 100 proven franchise opportunities,  and network online with other professionals and business coaches. At SABW’s virtual career fair, you can visit over 100 interactive virtual booths, and watch hundreds of free videos all without leaving your house.

Start a Business Weekend® will also include:

  • Coaching sessions from The Entrepreneur’s Source alternative career coaches who are devoted to The Discovery Process, which aids future entrepreneurs in determining their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E) goals and which franchise opportunities could be the right fit for them.
  • Educational keynote speakers and seminars that attendees can gain information and guidance from.
  • A virtual briefcase in which attendees can add instructive collateral to as well as complimentary resources ranging from general franchise opportunity information to very detailed, exclusive business opportunities.

Even after the event ends, attendees will have access to visit their expo resources, including unique franchise opportunities, for 14 days after the live event ends.

Save -the-Date: 

The next Start a Business Weekend event for 2016 will be held January 28th – January 30th from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. EDT. Although registration to the virtual expo is cost-free, participants are encouraged to register now to receive event updates and keynote reminders beforehand.

Sign Up for Start a Business Weekend® Today! Register at http://www.startabusinessweekend.com/sabw/.


The Entrepreneur’s Source on The Rise of Multigenerational Franchise Partnerships

The Entrepreneur’s Source on The Rise of Multigenerational Franchise Partnerships

The multigenerational franchise partnership  is not a trend, but a franchising match made in heaven. At first glance this may seem like an unlikely and odd pairing – older Baby Boomer parents teaming up with their entrepreneurial-minded Millennial children. However, when looking at this pairing more closely, it actually makes a lot of sense and these different segments actually have a lot to offer one another.


“A vast majority of today’s unemployed Baby Boomers are seasoned executives with severance packages who are now looking for new ways to invest in their future,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell. This trend, coupled with a bleak job market for today’s college graduates, has led more and more parents to partner with their children and invest in themselves by opening a franchise.”


Although the economy has been steadily rising over the past year, the “standard career pathway” just isn’t a promising option for America’s employees. The average length of unemployment for individuals 55 and older has continued to rise over the past year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, and more than 50 percent of Millennials with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 are jobless or underemployed the Associated Press cites. As many Baby Boomers suffer from Battered Career Syndrome as an effect of The New Career Economy and as their Millennial children enter the unwelcoming job market, this pairing can be a true match made in heaven.

“The Baby Boomer generation [wants] a ‘second act’ career that offers independence as well as benefits and structure, which is often found in franchising,” The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell told Business News Daily. “Millennials are a generation driven by risk and innovation. With limited job opportunities and natural independent drive, the entrepreneurship and stability of franchising is an appealing career path for Millennials.”

Why Franchising is a Fit for Multigenerational Partners
For years parents and their children have been working together in family business settings, but these partnerships are starting turn to franchise systems to invest in. Investing in a “family franchise” offers these first-time entrepreneurs an easy-to-follow system – an integral part of the franchising model – and combines the many benefits of business ownership with a proven brand name, an established operating system and continual assistance and support offered by the system’s franchisor.

Teaming up and investing in a franchise gives Baby Boomers the ability to teach their more inexperienced children what they have learned in their 20+ years in the job force while these recent college graduates can teach their parents new methods that they learned in school: A win-win for these partners.

The key factor in the success of these multigenerational pairings is finding the right franchise concept for them to utilize their unique skillsets and knowledge.

“Finding a franchise concept that allows everyone to leverage their skill set is imperative when identifying the right opportunity for a multigenerational partnership,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell. “Even if the parent isn’t fully engrained in the business – leaving their child to run the operations – they should still have an interest in the concept and be able to utilize their experience or skills to provide support.”

Contact a Franchise Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Today!
Franchise coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise are trained experts in helping their clients find the right franchise fit for their specific Goals, Needs and Expectations. If you’re a prospective multigenerational franchise owner and want more information about investing in a franchise opportunity, then contact a franchise coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source for more information http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: Why is Now a Good Time for Franchising?

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: Why is Now a Good Time for Franchising?

If you’ve always dreamed of establishing self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship, then now is a great time to make this dream a reality. Wondering why? Well, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews the top three reasons why now is a great time to enter the world of franchising.

Franchise Growth
Virtually every category within the franchising sector is experiencing growth. Franchise businesses are expected to grow at a faster rate and create more jobs than the rest of the economy in 2015, according to The Franchise Business Economic Outlook 2015 developed by IHS Global. Similarly, the number of franchise establishments in the United States to increase by 1.6% in 2015, matching the pace of growth in 2014.

Although there truly never is a bad time to invest in a franchise, opting in during a time of economic growth is specifically great because it allows an entrepreneur enter into the business during a period when the sector is thriving. When franchises experience growth, this means that their customers are coming into their stores and purchasing their products, helping in boosting the economy. As the economy shows signs of recovery, customers begin to feel more secure and consumer spending tends to increase, aiding in future franchise growth.

Franchises need people to run them, and due to the high unemployment rate, it shouldn’t be difficult for a franchise owner to find people to run his or her franchise. In fact, franchises are expected to add around 247,000 new jobs in 2015. Due to a flood of corporate layoffs and downsizing across America since the recession, franchise owners will have a giant pool of qualified and eager job candidates to select from to run their business. By investing in a franchise now, franchisees are simultaneously aiding in providing jobs to unemployed Americans.

Incentive Programs
Due to the economic recession, many banks began slowing down on lending. To combat this financing issue, many franchise brands have create their own franchise incentive or financing programs for both first time prospects and multi-unit owners. In fact, Steve Caldiera, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA) reported that as many as 100 franchise brands offer original financing solutions, such as discounts or refunded franchising fees, to aid in franchise ownership and that this number is expected to increase.

Similarly, many franchise brands are also offering discounts or incentives to women, minorities and veterans to aid them in entering the franchising sector.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews How a Business Coach can Help
Although now is a great time for prospective entrepreneurs to enter the franchising industry, many of these individuals don’t know where to start. With the help of a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, prospective franchisees can explore existing franchise opportunities and how they may be able to translate into a franchise fit. E-Source coaches help potential franchisees identify their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E) goals to help them in moving from Employment to Empowerment.

For more information about how you can turn your business ownership dreams into a reality, contact a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source by visiting this website: http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/coaching.html.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: What course will your life take?

Have you asked yourself lately what course will your life take one, three, five years from now? The dream of becoming your own boss and being self-sufficient is often exciting. However, the reality of making it happen can be unnerving and often paralyzing. Sadly this causes many to settle for “just getting by” in their careers. Even when faced with the reality of seeing their future income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals slipping away, they choose not to change their course.

Is a mindset stopping you from achieving your dream? Business ownership is frequently misunderstood. Many people believe to be successful you need to be fearless and enjoy living on the edge with little fear of risks or failure. Others think you have to be visionaries and have a blind passion for an individual product or service. These beliefs/mindsets are myths. The truth is successful business owners at their core, are not risk takers. What they are is confident in their well-founded self-belief in their abilities. Successful, self-sufficient individuals are quietly powerful. They are empowered by a clear purpose and motivated by their personal values and goals. . . Inspiring them to focus on career opportunities that have the right conditions for their lives, with proven paths to success.

One small change will make a BIG difference.  Career success is not about taking big leaps … it’s about LOOKING before you leap. How successful you will eventually be will depend upon how you see yourself and how you use your strengths. This vital self-awareness will:

  • Enable you to make career decisions easier
  • Help you identify opportunities you will be open to, and successful in
  • Shape the choices you make and actions you take to reach your goals

You have (and need to be aware of) your own unique combination of skills and strengths. To build a successful career, you must identify these traits and have confidence and freedom to apply them when and where you see opportunity. You need to step out of your comfort zone – TAKE A GOOD LOOK – if you are to succeed. However, many do not know where to turn to start this journey. Here is when working with an Alternative Career Coach will make a big difference. Your coach will assist you on your path to self-confidence and self-sufficiency by helping you:

  • Recognize and harness your core strengths and accomplishments
  • Provide practical guidance on what you can actually change
  • Gain clarity on your life’s vision and goals

The Entrepreneur’s Source: the #1 Resource for Alternative Career Coaching. A highly trusted resource and advocate for individuals who want to become self-sufficient. Esource coaches provide alternative career coaching to all who are interested in being self-sufficient. Every Esource coach is passionate about their client’s success and is respected for their unrivaled knowledge of business ownership and the franchising industry. Our coaching platform is not a business course. It’s a hands-on, step-by-step discovery journey. You set the pace…and we help you uncover insights about yourself and what business opportunities will best fit your goals. Together we will work with you to create a YOU2.0® plan that will break through your fears, take you from Employment to Empowerment®… and get you from where are now to where you ultimately want to be.

Meet Dewayne Holloway, who began working with an Esource coach in February of 2014. Dewayne was extremely cautious and had many reservations. His biggest fear was whether he would be successful. Together, Holloway and his Esource coach worked through his journey of discovery and franchise proposals. Dewayne eventually honed in on the Cell Phone Repair opportunity.  His first day receipts were the largest opening that Cell Phones Repair had ever had. He is already moving forward with his second store and will open his third in 2016. Dewayne overcame his fears and is now living the dream with his income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals well in hand.

“My Esource coach was instrumental in making my dream come true… I can’t be grateful enough for my experience with The Entrepreneur’s Source.” -Dewayne Holloway 2015

“The Entrepreneur’s Source® number one mission is to help individuals gain clarity around their goals, needs, and expectations. To help them pursue their possibilities, options, and dreams. It is remarkable that consistently 95% of our clients discover options they admittedly would never have looked at on their own. However, because they kept an open mind through our coaching process, they are now hitting or exceeding their income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals. This is why we do what we do; it is to help individuals discover opportunities that will help them accomplish their dreams. It is a great honor and privilege to help people live their dream” Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®

Take a moment to check out a few of The Entrepreneur’s Source’s complimentary resources:

Interested in becoming self-sufficient?  Speak with an Alternative Career Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today, and receive your free YOU2.0 Blueprint when you sign up for a Complimentary One-on-One Coaching Session!


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews: What to ask yourself before deciding on a franchise opportunity

The Entrepreneur’s Source Discusses 3 Questions to Ask before Deciding Which Franchise Concept is Right for You

You may know that you’re looking to move from Employment to Empowerment by taking the avenue of business ownership to achieve self-sufficiency, but do you really know what business opportunity is right for you? When looking at the franchise industry, there are various segments that call for several requirements and necessities from business owners in order to thrive. There are hundreds, probably even thousands of business opportunities out there, but not all of these opportunities are right for every entrepreneur.

Are all of the options overwhelming you and causing you to rethink your entrepreneurial dreams? Think again. Here The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise examines how to identify which business opportunities are right for you.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing a Franchise Concept
1.    “Why?”

One of the most integral things that an entrepreneur must do before choosing a franchise opportunity is ask themselves why they want to be a business owner. Do you want to achieve self-sufficiency? Do you want to build equity? Are you looking for a secondary source of income? Depending on how a prospective entrepreneur answers these questions, they will be better equipped to identify the opportunities that may or may not be the right fit for them. There’s a reason why this is one of the first steps in the alternative career coaching process that The Entrepreneur’s Source offers. Once an entrepreneur is able to examine why he or she wants to invest in a franchise, then they will be better equipped to explore the possibilities and available options.

2.    “How Involved Do I Want to Be?”

Although many individuals assume that franchise owners need to be ever-involved in their franchise business, this isn’t always the case. With the growing popularity of semi-absentee businesses, not all franchise owners need to be invested in their franchise at all times. The semi-absentee business concept is a business that entrepreneurs can start on the side while they have another job or obligation, as opposed to a full-time franchise business, which requires your complete effort and wouldn’t allow for you to do something else in addition. Depending on if a prospective franchise owner wants to be there full-time or on a semi-absent basis, then certain opportunities may be eliminated.

3.    “Do I Need Help?”

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of naively thinking that they can do everything on their own, when in fact, they cannot. Even if you’re not a first-time franchise owner or have vast knowledge of the franchising industry, it’s wise to seek help when investing in a franchise. You may not need help with every aspect of opening your franchise, but consulting with a business coach can help an individual narrow down which models may be the most fitting for a prospective entrepreneur based on his or her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals and other factors that are sometimes overlooked when choosing a franchise concept. Although this step is commonly overlooked, it is almost always the most necessary for future franchise owners to ask themselves.

For more information about how to decide if a franchise opportunity is right for you, consult an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.