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The Entrepreneur’s Source on Achieving Career Success

The Entrepreneur’s Source Helps Answer Question: How Can I Achieve Career Success?

Personal success doesn’t look the same for each individual; everyone isn’t searching for the same end goal in life. Some people are looking for a career that will lead them to financial stability. Others are looking to achieve a specified lifestyle.

Take a moment to ask yourself, “What will real success look like for me?”

One of the most important objectives of establishing your path to career satisfaction is finding your unique answer this question. Your response is exclusive to yourself and will depend on a variety of factors, like your age, dreams, personality, hobbies, finances, family obligations and past experiences. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source helps guide you through how you can achieve career success by defining what success means to you and redefining what a career means to you.

Successful John vs. Successful Beth
As humans, we are all unique. For this reason, we each have varying definitions of success. Take these two people as an example: John is a 50-year-old Baby Boomer with a wife and two children who has worked in corporate America for almost 30 years, yet is just discovering that his Social Security benefits probably won’t go as far as he initially expected. Compare John to Beth, a 25-year-old, fresh-out-of-college Millennial who has bounced from job to job as a traveling consultant and can’t seem to find a career that fits her needs in the standard job market.

Because Beth and John are at different points in their lives and careers, success is defined differently. To John, it may mean being able to take care of his family and retire comfortably in the upcoming years. To Beth, it may mean having a steady job and income with the ability to pay off her student loans. Having the ability to define what success means to you is the first step in considering your career alternatives because you will have a clearer vision of what the future can and will look like once your transformation is complete.

How Can You Achieve Personal Success?
The word “career” has transformed wonders over time as society, economics and technologies have evolved. For this reason, individuals need to take a step back to redefine what career means to them. When we think of a career, many of us get stuck thinking that having a successful career means working a standard 9-5 corporate job. When we are rewriting our own success stories in today’s reality, the corporate workforce isn’t the only way one can achieve career success. It can mean becoming a semi-absentee franchisee, an entrepreneur, self-employed or a plethora of different alternative career options.

Shifting your paradigm from a limiting mindset to an all-inclusive one – someone who is open to all possibilities – is the next crucial step in achieving personal success. This step allows you to examine yourself and your aspirations, looking at each dream and option without judgment or a dismissive attitude. Completing this mindset transformation can create a multiplier effect – enabling you to achieve grander results with less time, energy and effort.

Many individuals don’t realize they have a mindset that may be hindering them until they meet with an alternative career coach. All alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source help guide their clients as they evaluate their careers with some tough yet necessary questions. Some of these questions include:

  • Do you tend to take the path of least resistance in your career?
  • Do you avoid looking at yourself and taking responsibility for your life and future?
  • Do you close yourself off to possibilities just because we have never considered or done them before?
  • Are you afraid of change?

Examining these questions in great detail can help an individual determine just how much their career paradigm needs to be shifted. Having an open mind to the plethora of possibilities in your career may lead to the most doors being open. In fact, once E-Source coaches help their clients get over this hump, 95 percent of these clients find themselves discovering career options that their old mindset would have prematurely dismissed or never considered.

For more information about how an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you transform your mind by shifting your career paradigm, contact a coach today.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Hosts Start a Business Weekend March 17-19!

The Entrepreneur’s Source Hosts Start a Business Weekend: Where Entrepreneurs Find their Ideal Franchise Match

 LIVE March 17-19 from 10:00 AM -7:00 PM EST! Get ready to experience the largest interactive discovery event of the year from the comfort of your own chair.

Every month, over one million people search for a way to start a business. That’s why The Entrepreneur’s Source founded Start a Business Weekend (SABW): a virtual franchise expo offering current and prospective entrepreneurs the ability to explore franchise business opportunities and gain unbiased insights from the comfort of home. Anyone with a dream of owning their own business or expanding their current holdings will benefit from investing a bit of their time to help secure a better future for themselves and their family.

See what thousands have discovered! If you have ever wanted to be your own boss, don’t miss this chance to use your All-Access Pass to browse through the virtual exhibit halls and visit booths of more than 100 business and franchise opportunities at every investment level.

“We’re bridging the power of information with the ease of gathering it by using innovative, virtual technology. Attendees have access to three days of industry experts’ informative sessions hosted in the virtual auditorium, without leaving their home or office,” said Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “It’s complete convenience—Entrepreneur’s Source Coaches are accessible all weekend long to guests. Plus, attendees gain all the benefits of a franchise expo without the travel expenses and time commitment.”
What can I gain from attending SABW?

Every SABW attendee is provided:

  • Complimentary coaching sessions with highly-trained Entrepreneur’s Source franchise coaches dedicated to helping you discover business opportunities aligned with your unique goals, needs and expectations
  • Attendance to educational keynotes and seminars
  • A virtual briefcase attendees can add educational materials to, as well as access complimentary materials about franchising in general and very specific business opportunities

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to attend SABW. The Entrepreneur’s Source highly encourages prior registration so that we can introduce you to the E-Source Coach who will help guide you through the event.

The Entrepreneur’s Source presents prospective franchisees with new business opportunities that empower them to use a franchise as a vehicle to accomplish their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (ILWE) goals.

To attend the March 17-19  SABW virtual showcase, register at http://www.startabusinessweekend.com/sabw/

For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source and business coaching support, visit www.EntrepreneursSource.com


The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Discusses: Franchising vs. Independent Business Ownership

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Discusses Franchising vs. Independent Business Ownership

The number of small businesses in America continues to grow – demonstrating that business ownership is a viable career for many people. Business ownership is an optimal vehicle to success for those looking to leave corporate America and take control of their career.

“In general, business ownership requires a large amount of personal investment and hard work to succeed, but the benefits of success are never-ending,” said founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell. “Self-sufficiency through owning a business allows you to achieve your desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) Goals, and the satisfaction of being in the driver’s seat of your own career path.”

There are many entrepreneurial paths that an aspiring business owner can take to achieve self-sufficiency, and business ownership isn’t the same for everyone. Among the first things for a hopeful business owner to contemplate is whether independent ownership or joining a franchise system is the right path to follow for their unique skillset and desires.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell on Franchising vs. Independent Business Ownership
It’s important to examine the benefits and drawbacks of both routes to business success – franchising and independent ownership – to consider which pathway may be the right fit for your unique I.L.W.E. Goals. To start the conversation, The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell sheds light on some of the differences between independent business ownership and business ownership through franchising to help you decide with path is right for you.

  • Business Structure: When an aspiring entrepreneur takes the route of independent ownership, they have the ability to call all of the shots. They’re in charge of creating and monitoring inventory, services, strategy, hours, marketing etc. When looking at franchise business ownership, the franchisor largely makes the larger decisions. Franchisees are truly never in their business alone and have someone to turn to for assistance and guidance. In franchising, everything is tested and proven to work, and with an independent model, the owner is free to experiment and develop their own strategies. Both models can be successful depending on the aspiring business owner’s personality and work style.
  • Total Investment: When looking at opening a franchise business, the franchisor typically plays a large role in helping to get the business up and running. They oftentimes assist with real estate site selection, lease negotiations, vendor discounts, marketing assistance, grand opening support and more. As a payment for this assistance, franchisees oftentimes pay a monthly royalty fee to the franchisor. In an independent business, the business owner chooses how much money they’re willing to put into the business and at what times. The owner can choose to delay expansion or downsize service offerings when money is tight, but because of financial obligation, a franchisee may not have this option. However, it may take an independent business more money to open shop and turn a profit because they don’t have the assistance, experience or expertise of a franchisor.
  • Marketing and Branding: When a business owner takes the route of franchising, they are investing in an established and probably well-known company, so the brand and service offerings are common knowledge among potential consumers. Franchisors are also able to invest much more money into advertising, marketing and public relations than independent owners, meaning a franchisee has to put in less work to get people to walk through their door. Independent business owners don’t have this same luxury because they don’t have the same amount of resources or recognition from the get-go. They will most likely have to work harder and put more money into building a presence and recognition in their community.
  • Operational Assets: For some, independent ownership may supply an outlet by which they can creatively manage their business and drive their way toward success. For aspiring entrepreneurs that have a business background, independent business ownership can give them more freedom to experiment in their business. For those with less experience or knowledge, the ongoing support that a franchise system provides can be priceless. In franchising, the franchisor only succeeds if their franchisees succeed, so consistent support is essential.

It’s necessary to take of the aspects of business ownership into account to determine if franchising or independent ownership is the right fit for you based on the unique skills, talents and preferences that you bring to the table.

Attend Start a Business Weekend to Explore Your Options!
For those individuals considering business ownership as an alternative career path and are looking to explore their options, The Entrepreneur’s Source is hosting a complimentary, virtual career expo, Start A Business Weekend (SABW) March 26-28. Start A Business Weekend gives attendees the opportunity to explore a variety of franchise opportunities.

“Attendees have access to three days of industry experts’ informative sessions hosted in the virtual auditorium, without leaving their home or office,” The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell said. “It’s complete convenience—coaches are accessible all weekend long to guests. Plus, attendees gain all the benefits of a franchise expo without the travel expenses and time commitment.”

All attendees have access to 80 virtual online booths, free videos, coaching conferences, enlightening seminars, a virtual briefcase and networking opportunities. After SABW concludes, all attendees will be given a 60-day pass to revisit their SABW resources and explore their exclusive franchise opportunities in more detail.

Join us online march 2016

To attend Start a Business Weekend, register here: www.StartABusinessWeekend.com. The virtual fair will be held March 17-19 from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. EDT and is free for all to attend.