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The Entrepreneur’s Source New Year’s Resolution Inspiration: Mark and Rebecca Rubick

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration: Mark and Rebecca Rubick, The Entrepreneur’s Source Success Story.

Early in 2016, Mark and Rebecca Rubick were enjoying their 2nd honeymoon on a holiday cruise.   After more than 20 years in the communications and electrical products industry, Mark knew it was time for a change and he asked his wife about it.   Her response was simple, “You’ve always wanted to buy a business, why don’t you buy something?”   It was a challenge Mark gladly accepted, and the pair headed home on a mission to change their lives through business ownership in 2016.

By late June, with help from Rick Arevalo and The Entrepreneur’s Source®, Mark and Rebecca found their franchise match with Patrice & Associates – a leading national hospitality recruiting franchise.   They were so impressed with the concept that they purchased a regional development deal with Patrice & Associates for the Kentucky and Ohio regions.   And in just a few months, they already have a staff of 6 recruiters and are poised for major success in 2017.

We sat down for an exclusive Q&A with Mark to provide some guidance and advice for other husband-and-wife teams who are considering making the leap into business ownership this year’s New Year’s Resolution.   Here’s what he shared with us:

Hi Mark!   Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career prior to going into business with your wife

Since we’re a team, I’ll give you the background for both myself and my wife.   I spent more than 20 years working in the communications and electrical products industry.   I held numerous positions over the years, including product manager, national sales manager, and director of marketing, and spent most of my career working for Ilsco, Belden, and Thomas & Betts.

My wife, on the other hand, is a financial analyst with a healthcare company here in Cincinnati.   So, we possess complimentary skill sets as she is the financial expert and I’m the marketing and sales expert.

Take us back to that pivotal moment on your holiday cruise.   What made something click?

This was a 2nd honeymoon trip we took together very early this year.   Quick aside – I recommend a 2nd honeymoon trip to everyone!   Anyway – during our vacation, my wife and I were discussing new challenges we’d like to tackle and changes we’d like to make now that we’re in our early 50’s.   During the conversation, she asked me point blank – “you’ve always wanted to buy a business, why don’t you buy something?”   She was right and I’m glad she asked the question while we were away from the stress and pressure of our careers so we could return with newfound energy to go for it!

What role did Rick Arevalo and The Entrepreneur’s Source® play in the process?

I found The Entrepreneur’s Source® early in my research process by responding to an online ad that asked “ever want to own a business?”   I was quickly put in touch with Rick who was instrumental in our due diligence process.   Rick helped us define our possibilities, outcomes, and dreams (POD) and the I.L.W.E. (income, lifestyle, wealth and equity) we wanted to build together.    Equipped with that information, Rick introduced us to more than a half dozen concepts over the next four months and helped us find our franchise match with Patrice & Associates.   And by late June, my wife and I closed on a regional development deal with Patrice & Associates for the Kentucky and Ohio regions.

Why Patrice & Associates?   Why was it the perfect fit for you?

We explored a wide variety of franchise concepts during our due diligence process, including a senior in-home care concept, a unique gym concept, and a professional business coaching concept, but Patrice & Associates was the right fit.   While my wife and I have always had a long-standing desire to own a restaurant or bar, Patrice & Associates also passed our key evaluation criteria.   My wife loved the fact it was a quality investment considering the financial upside and I loved the short sales cycle from lead to cash.   Not to mention we both believe in the value of the franchise opportunity – an opportunity to own a protected territory and place neighbors/friends with any of the 500 corporate accounts (restaurants, hotels, casinos, etc.) Patrice & Associates has established.

Any advice for couples making a resolution to take the leap into business ownership in 2017?

Here’s something I believe keeps most husband and wife teams from taking that leap – their children.   My wife and I have two teenagers.   Is it scary to leave a salaried job for a new business with college on the horizon?   Sure.   However, my wife and I believe the bigger risk would not be taking advantage of a massive opportunity to change our lives.   For one, we went in to this with a game plan and made sure we found a franchise that allowed my wife to retain her salaried position – we did not want a retail outlet or similar business that required both of us to work the business day in and day out.    But more importantly, we were all-in and determined to make this work.   We took the time to educate ourselves and were fortunate to work with Rick Arevalo at The Entrepreneur’s Source® who helped guide us through this process.

So, my advice?   Change your life in 2017 and commit to your resolution to go into business as a husband and wife team!     We did it and so can you!

For more information about how you and your family can find the ideal family business franchise match with The Entrepreneur’s Source® and Franchise Match®, please visit www.franchisematch.com.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Success Story: Q&A with The Flying Locksmiths Franchisee, Jim DiSalle.

A The Entrepreneur’s Source Family Biz Success Story: Q&A with The Flying Locksmiths Franchisee, Jim DiSalle.

Three years ago, Lauren Cantor, A Charlotte-based ESource Coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source®, met Jim DiSalle through a local networking group.   After more than 30 years in cable TV (and countless moves around the country), Jim had launched a successful fractional CFO consulting business.   However, he was searching for something more – a franchise business he could run with his two millennial sons who were searching for more fulfilling careers.

So, earlier this year, Jim asked Lauren to help him find a business he could build with his sons and eventually transition out so they could make it their own.    After working with Lauren and The Entrepreneur’s Source® for just a few months, Jim and his sons found their franchise match – The Flying Locksmiths.   They bought half of the Charlotte market in September and they’re off to a hot start (they will surpass their sales goals in November and December).  They’re having a blast together and are gearing up for a big 2017.

We sat down for an insightful Q&A with Jim to provide some insight and guidance for other parents considering going into business with their kids in 2017.   Here’s what he shared with us:

Hi Jim!   Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career prior to going into business with your kids

I worked in Cable TV for 30 years and my background is in finance and operations.   I’ve always been a finance guy – it’s in my DNA – but I’ve always been attracted to the operations component, too.   However, while I loved working in Cable TV, it was an industry that forced me to relocate my family more than a half dozen times when my kids were in grade school.   In fact, I remember one time when we were literally moving in to a new house in Denver and a better career opportunity presented itself in Charlotte.   Thankfully, my wife has always been more than supportive and Charlotte has turned out to be our forever home – but it was definitely time for a career change.   I left Cable TV in 2013 to launch my own “fractional CEO” consultant business for small and mid-sized companies.   This was perfect for many local businesses who didn’t need a full-time CFO and I have done quite well with it.

So, what changed earlier this year?   What inspired you to go into business with your sons?

Starting a business together is an idea I’ve been discussing with my boys for a few years.   Both of my sons are very bright and driven and were frustrated that their lack of college degrees restricted them from securing fulfilling jobs/careers.   When I first introduced the idea, my eldest son, Jimmy, was hesitant because he didn’t want a financial handout and was fearful of us investing our savings in a business.   However, the boys were more open to it when we re-visited the idea earlier this year as they had done a great job accumulating savings they could invest in the business as well.   Additionally, we all agreed it made a lot of sense considering our backgrounds and skill sets.  Jimmy brings the sales and marketing skills and his younger brother, Billy, brings the analytical and logistics skills – making them a perfect pairing for the future of the business.

OK – so you decided it was time to go for it.   How did Lauren Cantor and The Entrepreneur’s Source® help?

Oh – as I’d tell anyone considering going into business for themselves, using a franchise coach like Lauren Cantor is invaluable.   I had no clue people like Lauren and companies like The Entrepreneur’s Source® existed when I launched my consulting business.   Lauren and The Entrepreneur’s Source® were the key to us getting this right because she helped us make an informed and educated decision based on the I.L.W.E. (income, lifestyle, wealth and equity) we wanted to build together.   She helped us realize that our family brought a balanced skill set to the table that would be a perfect fit for franchising.

More specifically, I knew Lauren from a networking group we’ve participated in for a few years.   We told her we wanted to do something more B2B-oriented and wanted to steer clear of retail/food.   During our exploration process, she introduced us to some great concepts, including a junk removal company, a sign creation company, and of course, The Flying Locksmiths.

Why The Flying Locksmiths?   Why was that the perfect fit for you and your sons?

Great question.   Of course, one of the keys is that everything felt right when we went to Boston for the discovery day over the summer.   We loved the fact that the company had an easily definable mission statement – “If it’s on the door, we handle it.”  Outside of that, there are three key reasons this was the right franchise business for us: 1) The market is open for a determined business owner who can do a larger volume (a lot of single shingle shops on Google searches, few other established competitors), 2) The corporate team was focused, open-minded and impressive (The Flying Locksmiths is also a family-business with 70 years experience that just started franchising), and 3) We simply love the corporate support and the business model.

That’s awesome!   So, What’s next for you?   What advice would you share with other parents who are thinking about opening a business with their kids?

As mentioned earlier, if you’re going to start a business, I would recommend the franchising route.   The corporate support and education a franchise company offers is key, particularly when you don’t have experience in that field.   Also – don’t underestimate the importance of working with a franchise coach, like Lauren and others at The Entrepreneur’s Source®.

As far as we’re concerned, we are thrilled with the success we’ve generated in the first few months with The Flying Locksmiths.   We surpassed our sales projections in November and will do the same in December.   And of course, we’re setting aggressive goals to achieve “hockey stick” sales in 2017.  I’m very proud of what me, my wife and my sons have been able to accomplish so far with the family business and I’m excited to see what the future brings!   Best of luck to anyone else looking to take the leap with their kids as well!

For more information about how you and your family can find the ideal family business franchise match with The Entrepreneur’s Source® and FranchiseMatch®, please visit www.franchisematch.com.






Terry Powell’s Response to “Trumped-Up Trickle Down” Economics

Why I Like “Trumped-Up Trickle Down” Economics

It was as if I was born an entrepreneur.   I have always yearned for independence and freedom. I was a rebel growing up, but a rebel with a cause.   My teachers thought my priorities were out of line and my classmates even voted me “least likely to succeed.”   However, my report card didn’t tell the whole story.   My entrepreneurial spirit simply compelled me to focus my energy elsewhere.

I started my first business at 12 – a lawn service company.   At 16, I was a self-sufficient entrepreneur and bought a speedboat and car with my own money. My college career was very short lived. Instead, the education that’s fueled my success came from local business owners who taught me invaluable lessons about business, life and the power of mentorship and coaching.

As an entrepreneur to the core, my career has not been a straight shot to the top.   I’ve had my ups and downs, but I love the fact I am in control of my possibilities, options and dreams…and I love that our purpose at The Entrepreneur’s Source is helping others uncover and control their own possibilities, options and dreams through business ownership.  So, naturally, I believe in an investor friendly and growth-focused economy based on lower taxes, less red tape and regulations and more easily accessible capital that rewards those who create and run successful small businesses – the entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our economy.

That’s why I’m optimistic about what Hillary called “ Trumped-Up Trickle Down Economics.”  Donald Trump has promised to incentivize both small and large business growth by lowering the corporate tax rate and encouraging businesses to invest in America – bringing foreign earnings back to the U.S and reducing growth-destroying regulatory burdens American businesses currently bear.   This will encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and create jobs.

Additionally, one of Trump’s most recent cabinet appointments is a big win for franchising and all small businesses (Forbes writer, Amity Shlaes, agrees in  this recent article).   Trump selected Andrew F. Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, the company that franchises fast food outlets Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., as Secretary of Labor.   Trump believes Puzder is a perfect fit for the role as he’s created jobs and boosted careers for thousands of Americans and has a proven track record of fighting for important worker rights.

Considering the details of his tax plan and his early cabinet appointments, I am very confident that Donald Trump, a results-based visionary and highly successful entrepreneur, is the kind of force business owners need in the White House. You have to be innovative and disruptive to survive and thrive in business today.  That’s exactly why we are seeing the biggest disrupters to our antiquated and corruptive political system emerging right in front of our eyes.

When it came to casting ballots in 2016, the American people were presented with two options that are synonymous with their two basic career choices – should we stick with the safer, “establishment-approved” option (a consistent paycheck but an uncertain future) or demand a change and take a risk with a political outsider (launching a business with no guarantee of success).   Both options have an associated risk, but which is truly riskier?

All Americans face a similar choice with their career.   And when it comes to the decision between fighting through the “Battered Career Syndrome® for a consistent paycheck and investing in yourself and your future by starting (or owning) a franchise, we think it’s an easy choice at The Entrepreneur’s Source®.   It goes back to the old saying – the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Since our inception at The Entrepreneur’s Source, in even more difficult economic times, we have helped countless disengaged and disenchanted workers invest over $1 billion in franchise businesses.   And now, with a commander in chief who promises to act fast and open doors for aspiring business owners, I can’t wait to see how many people The Entrepreneur’s Source® team can help realize their dreams of business ownership.

So, on that note, even though he’s certainly been voted “least likely to succeed” by many political insiders, here’s to supporting Donald Trump’s vision of taking our country to unprecedented heights and helping all of us uncover possibilities, options and dreams we previously thought impossible!


The Entrepreneur’s Source Supports Transitioning Veterans

The Entrepreneur’s Source Supports Transitioning Veterans.

Franchise ownership requires a unique set of skills which those in the armed forces cultivate during their years of service. From executing on a plan and seeing a commitment through, to leadership experiences and an intense work ethic, retiring veterans are generally well-prepared to become business owners.

Take Patrick Walker as an example. After 27 years of military service, Patrick decided that he was more interested in building something of his own than settling into a position in corporate America. For more than a year prior to retirement, he worked with coach Steve Rosenkrantz to help him evaluate his interests and find a franchise that suited his lifestyle goals. Given that Patrick didn’t have a business background to leverage, he was able to ask Steve all of his questions, and they worked together to find an opportunity that fit all of his needs.

In April, Patrick launched his Expedia CruiseShipCenter franchise. The decision allowed him to move closer to his family, which was a key personal objective. Patrick now has a sense of pride as he drives to his business each day: he blends his love of the ocean from his Coast Guard days with his passion for planning as he helps families craft beautiful cruise vacations.

Said Patrick, “I think we as veterans are uniquely suited for franchising because we know how to follow a plan. As a retiring veteran, I felt I was too old to start a business from scratch when all I needed to do in a franchise was to read and implement the Operations and Procedures Manual—the success plan of a company that had proven a concept. It just made more sense to me to do that.” As North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise,The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) is fortunate to work with many veterans like Patrick as they transition from military to civilian life and start achieving their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity dreams.

For more information on The Entrepreneur’s Source and all of the tools the company provides to veterans, please visit  leading alternative career coaching franchise.



The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 3 ‘Bad’ Millennial Traits We All Need

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 3 ‘Bad’ Millennial Traits We All Need.

In today’s news cycle, Millennials, or those individuals who were born between 1981 and late 2000, get a lot of criticism for common characteristics that encompass them as a group. The New York Times cites that they’ve been called, “narcissistic, lazy, and indecisive. Millennials have been labeled the boomerang generation for the many unable or unwilling to leave their parents’ home, or even more negatively, the Peter Pan generation because they supposedly won’t grow up.”

Not all of these criticisms are true or even merited, but even if they were, many of these “undesirable” qualities make the Millennial generation a great fit for the entrepreneurial world. In fact, many Millennials are recognizing that the business world is a great fit for them. A recent study by Millennial Branding and Internships.com found that 72 percent of the high school students and 62 percent of the college students have hopes to start their own business one day. What may be even more surprising is that of the students studied, 61 percent of the high school students and 43 percent of the college students strive to be an entrepreneur over an employee directly after they graduate from college.

Three “Bad” Millennial Traits That Are Good for Entrepreneurship
Because of this paradigm career shift toward entrepreneurship in the sometimes misunderstood Millennial generation, The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise will examine three commonly negative traits associated with Millennials and why they may be a strong fit for entrepreneurship.

1. Desire for a Luxurious Lifestyle
Many Millennials have a dream of becoming rich and famous and living an affluent lifestyle. A lot of this can be attributed to the boom of celebrity tabloid magazine and the newer reality TV obsession. But why is having desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth or Equity (I.L.W.E.) Goals such a bad thing? No, most entrepreneurs don’t become famous, but many entrepreneurs live a very comfortable lifestyle.

This desire for luxury can give Millennials a healthy dose of ambition, giving them the drive to work hard until their desired lifestyle is achieved. Regarding entrepreneurship, this drive is necessary to ultimately reach your vision and dream, and Millennials tendency to crave a luxurious lifestyle isn’t a hindrance, but rather a motivation to work harder.

2. Impatience
When Millennials know what they want, they want it now or maybe even yesterday. At first thought, this may seem like a negative quality, but in terms of entrepreneurship, this can help propel a business owner forward. Millennials want success now, so climbing the corporate ladder, which can take years to get promoted into a leadership position, isn’t always attractive to this generation.

Instead of wasting valuable time in a corporate 9-5 job, Millennials are more likely to pursue an exciting new business venture to find career gratification faster. This sense of restlessness can act as a motivator for a Millennials to invest in a new business or franchise and become their own boss.

3. Technological Reliance
A common criticism of the Millennial generation is that they are always plugged in. But think about it this way; Millennials were the first generation to have grown up with cable TV, the Internet, and cell phones. Their familiarity with technology is basically in their DNA.

What’s even more astounding is their social media presence, and in terms of entrepreneurial networking, social networking can be a goldmine. A whopping 89 percent of Millennials use social media sites, and whether they’re letting their Twitter followers know what’s on their mind, posting an interesting news article to their Facebook feed or updating their connections with what they’re doing professionally on LinkedIn, this can be beneficial in an entrepreneurial sense. Having the social network and the first-nature ability to inform a large audience about a new product or service can do wonders for a new business. The best entrepreneurs are savvy networkers, and this familiarity with technology and social networks can greatly benefit Millennial entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a viable career path for many age groups and generations, but business ownership shows specific promise for Millennials. A luxurious lifestyle, sense of impatience and an expertise with technology are oftentimes are looked at as negative characteristics, but when translated to entrepreneurship they can be strengths.

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