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The Entrepreneur’s Source May Franchise Success Story – Veteran Chris Hendrix

The Entrepreneur’s Source® May Franchise Success Story– Veteran Chris Hendrix. In Honor of May’s Military Appreciation Month, The Nation’s Leading Franchise Coaching Network Celebrates a Veteran Franchisee Thriving with Window Genie.

May is National Military Appreciation Month and The Entrepreneur’s Source® is proud to join the many companies nationwide doing their part to honor all military members, past, present and future, by sharing great veteran stories.   In this month’s edition of the successful lifestyle profile series, The Entrepreneur’s Source® features the story of army veteran Chris Hendrix.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® reserves a special place for our country’s military men and women. The Entrepreneur’s Source® realizes vets already have excellent skill sets required to be successful in owning and running their own franchise business.   Veterans know how to follow a plan and use a systematic approach.   They’re also systems oriented and creative leaders who understand how to improvise and manage people.

However, each one of those veterans worked with a The Entrepreneur’s Source® coach to create a vision of what they truly wanted for their life after a military service career. Chris Hendrix was no exception.

“For 23 years, I had one job: the Army!”, laughed Chris, who was a captain in logistics. “I knew what I DIDN’T want to do: work in an office or be a consultant. The ‘9-5’ just wasn’t me. But I really couldn’t put my finger on what it was I really wanted to do. Thank goodness I met Matt Thornton!”

Matt Thornton is a Greenville, SC-based coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, who has a passion for working with vets who are wrapping up their military careers and looking for the next challenge, like so many of the other Entrepreneur Source coaches. Thornton says his role is important because “vets are very wary because everybody pounces on them with the ‘next big thing’ for their transition, creating visions of instant money.”

“I work to establish trust by being up front with them,” Thornton continues. “If you want to own your own business, it will NOT be the easiest route, but it will most definitely be the most rewarding IF you follow the franchise system, and utilize the support provided.”

Chris met with Matt 6 months before he detached from the Army at a job fair.   Chris liked Matts no-nonsense approach and the fact Matt took the time to get to know him and his wife, Jessica.   According to Chris, Matt took him and his wife through a true “deep dive” as opposed to a perfunctory “Q&A.”   He took the time help Chris and his wife zero in on their needs and goals to determine what was really important.

“At first, Jessica was skeptical. REAL skeptical. But the more in depth we went with Matt on fact-finding, skills research, even self-reflective assessments, she started buying in.”

After the extensive discovery process, Matt presented the Hendrix couple with multiple companies he felt matched their goals, needs & expectations. Based on the coaching Matt provided, Chris and Jessica chose “Window Genie”, a company specializing in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more.

They say it’s been a great Franchise Match®!

“We opened the doors just over two years ago, and have had explosive growth to the point I’m adding more people to the team “, says Chris. “And the best part? Jessica quit her job as a teacher, and keeps the company books, so we’re working together as a team!”36

For Matt, whose father was a Marine Colonel, it’s his way of giving back. “People tell me all the time you can’t help vets unless you are a vet. I’ve demonstrated that’s not the case. Vets already know how to be vets, the real help we provide at The Entrepreneur’s Source® is working with them to become successful entrepreneurs!”

For any veterans interested in learning about The Entrepreneur’s Source and what coaches like Matt Thornton can do to help you find the best business opportunity for you and your family (i.e. your franchise match), please visit www.franchisematch.com.


The Entrepreneur’s Source on When Opportunity Knocks…Keep an Open Mind

The Entrepreneur’s Source on Why You Should Keep an Open Mind in your Franchise Search.

It’s hard to be completely objective when searching for franchise opportunities, but when going into your franchise search its vital to helping you find the right opportunity for you. It’s our basic instinct to stick to what we know and to fear the unknown, but doing so may not always benefit you. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise evaluates why aspiring franchisees should keep an open mind when going into their franchise search.

Don’t Limit Your Franchise Search
There are many ways that prospective entrepreneurs may limit their franchise searches from the beginning without even being aware that they are doing so.

One of the most common blunders that alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source find their clients doing is limiting their franchise search from the get go. A limited view of the possibilities can cause an individual to invest in a franchise mismatch, which may set the franchisee up for failure from the start.

For example, if you go into your franchise search thinking “I am only going to look into the QSR and salon segments,” then you may actually miss the perfect franchising opportunity for you. In fact, E-Source coaches find that 95 percent of their clients end up discovering and investing in a business prospect they may not have considered beforehand or admittedly had prematurely dismissed.

Similarly, many people go into their search thinking that they should only invest in concepts they are familiar with or have past experience in, but this actually falls into one of the top 5 franchising myths. Believe it or not, but businesses that are built upon a business owner’s past knowledge and expertise have the highest incidence of failure. Past experience oftentimes leads business owners to overthink their decisions and look at each of their decisions from a microscopic lens, failing to see the bigger picture and leading to bad decision making.

How a Coach Can Lift Your Limiting Beliefs
There are thousands of franchise systems out there, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at first. How is someone to sift through all of these franchise concepts to find the right fit for them? That’s where an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can help. E-Source coaches are experts in the field of franchising and know the ins and outs of the industry.

Coaches will guide their clients through The Discovery Process, which is aimed at helping individuals define their goals, needs and expectations while also educating them on the franchise industry. This oftentimes proves to be an empowering experience for aspiring entrepreneurs because they learn not to jump to conclusions based on their previous perceptions of a business. Together, a coach and a client will uncover the client’s Possibilities, Options and Dreams (POD), and with collaboration will find the right franchise fit. Even if the opportunity isn’t what the individual may have previously considered, E-Source coaches will help explain the factors that make the optimal opportunities at hand better for that candidate than the rest.

Contact a Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source Today!
For more information about how a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise can help you lift your limiting beliefs, contact a coach today.


The Entrepreneur’s Source® Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Start a Business Weekend®

New Records Set as Hundreds Attend the Nation’s Largest Online Franchise Expo in North America for Prospective Franchise Owners

Southbury, CT – (May 16, 2017) – The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise, celebrated the 5th anniversary and 32nd event of Start A Business Weekend with the most recent virtual expo which ran in March. The nation’s largest franchise expo in North America is complimentary and offers current and prospective franchisees the ability to explore hundreds of leading franchise opportunities and connect with a The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise coach right from their own computer.

“This premier event embodies the willingness to embrace virtual technology to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “We want to provide attendees access to leading thought leaders, innovative programs, and informative keynote presentations throughout the weekend in an economically friendly manner. For the fifth straight year, attendees can do just that, from the comfort of their homes and offices. The expo, while digital in nature, continues to help us accomplish our mission to provide personal, one-on-one interaction.   We’re thrilled with the success of the March Start a Business Weekend and are excited for the next one starting on May 18, 2017.”

Nearly 1,100 attendees, a Start a Business Weekend March record, participated in the easy to navigate online event, via their laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the late March Start a Business Weekend featured a total of 170 – including 5 new – franchise and business opportunity exhibitors. Attendees navigated between three 3-D exhibit halls, where a diverse field of companies – automotive, home services, senior care and so much more had a virtual booth present – attendees also listened to multiple keynote presentations in the virtual auditorium, downloaded literature and viewed videos, all of which can be saved to a virtual briefcase.

Each Start A Business Weekend attendee was assigned a coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source®. The complimentary connection is one of the highlights of the event. These coaches are devoted to The Entrepreneur’s Source® Discovery Process, which helps prospective entrepreneurs explore their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals and which franchise opportunities may be right for them.

This transformational event continues to grow exponentially since first uplifting future business owners five years ago. Per the numbers, the March 2017 Start a Business Weekend was one of the most successful March events yet. Consider the following:

  • 672 new registrants explored opportunities and received inspirational information designed to make their dreams of business ownership a reality.
  • The incorporation of LinkedIn provided a new layer of networking designed to help participates maintain newfound business relationships.
  • Marissa Ruderman, Programs & Marketing Manager for Franchise Source Brands International (parent company of The Entrepreneur’s Source®), took the social strategy a step further – launching the first ever Facebook Live campaign for the March expo from the Start a Business Weekend Facebook Page.   These live videos proved wildly successful, generating considerable engagement, and will be a permanent addition to future Start a Business Weekend events.
  • And most impressively, the average time the 1,069 attendees spent logged into the virtual trade show was more than two hours, a new record dwell time for any March Start a Business Weekend event!

This transformative event continues to embolden and strengthen the next wave of business owners, giving them the attributes and confidence needed to succeed,” said Powell. “It’s simply remarkable to witness this event’s growth, as it exemplifies our franchise model to offer education, coaching and resources for individuals interested in business ownership.”

To learn more about Start a Business Weekend and sign up for the next virtual expo (Thursday, May 18 – Saturday, May 20 from 10AM-7PM EST), please visit https://startabusinessweekend.com/.

For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source®, please visit www.entrepreneurssource.com.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Celebrates “Mom-Preneurs” on Mother’s Day

The Entrepreneur’s Source® Celebrates “Mom-Preneurs” on Mother’s Day. Working Moms CAN Have It All – Sharon Lewis Shares How Business Ownership Has Empowered Her Personal and Professional Life

Who doesn’t remember the joy of giving mom a hand-crafted gift for Mother’s Day when they were a kid?   This is particularly true of kids who were raised by working mothers – moms who truly never get a day off.   No wonder those moms gush and fuss over things as simple as a huge cardboard red heart with “Greatest Mom Ever” written with a squiggly crayon (though, it’s certainly possible they are simply secretly thrilled the spelling on the card was correct…).

This Sunday, May 14th, is Mother’s Day and working moms everywhere will be just as grateful for those kinds of gifts from the heart.   But what kind of price are these working mothers paying to provide for their families?

More women than ever before – 70 MILLION – are working outside the home in this country, making up close to half of the U.S. labor force. Almost 70 percent of these women are working moms with kids under the age of 18 at home. And with schedules dictated by an unrelenting boss, countless missed play dates, games and school activities quickly translate into “mom guilt.”

Sharon Lewis knew that life as a hard charging drug development project manager for a major pharmaceutical company. Sharon was supervising several teams, with responsibilities ranging from strategic planning to budgeting, while also reporting to senior management. Her job and schedule were demanding. But Sharon was also a mom to a then 4-year old little girl, Kayleigh.

Sharon says Kayleigh sometimes got swept into the pages of Sharon’s calendar app and she constantly felt guilty about it.

“We were spending all of our time together in the car, commuting to and from work, or pre-school,” said Sharon.  “It felt like all I was ever saying was ‘Hurry up! We have to be at this place in 30 minutes, we have to eat dinner now, it’s time to get ready for bed!’ It felt like she was having to meet MY agenda, and that’s no fun for a pre-schooler!”

Then came the wake-up call: a high school classmate, only in her mid-40’s (just like Sharon), died suddenly. The cold impact of that reality forced Sharon to take a long, hard look at her own life and career path. She was very successful, but working a ton of hours with limited schedule flexibility. And there was the “mom guilt,” too. Her daughter, while A priority, was not THE priority she needed to be. Sharon went about changing that in a hurry.

“I gave my notice to the company, then took off with my daughter, spending a year just playing and exploring our state of Connecticut. It was a terrific time to re-connect with her before she started kindergarten, and gave me the opportunity to re-think my professional priorities as well. My next step was going to be on my terms, with flexibility and security at the top of the list.”

Sharon realized owning her own business would allow her to have those priorities, and the time was now to take the plunge before feeling compelled to return to the corporate grind. She reached out to The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s number one resource for exploring alternative career options in franchising.

She was paired with her own personal The Entrepreneur’s Source® coach, who helped channel her prolific, successful management skill sets into launching her very own AdviCoach franchise location in Connecticut.   As an AdviCoach coach, Sharon helps owners of small and medium sized businesses define professional and personal success goals, while helping them attain and exceed those goals.

Today, Sharon says the “mom guilt” is gone, as she and Kayleigh enjoy time together biking, gardening, exploring new places, and tending to their chickens.

“I rarely miss my daughter’s events, because I have made them a priority, and can schedule around them with a little notice.  With AdviCoach, I believe I have finally found the best balance between what I need to do, and what I want to do. Plus, I think I’m setting a great example for Kayleigh on what a woman can accomplish!”

As we celebrate all moms for Mother’s Day, isn’t it time you gave YOURSELF the gift of taking control of your own career through franchise ownership?  

We’re here to help at The Entrepreneur’s Source®.   For more information about how you and all working mothers can find the ideal business franchise match with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, please visit www.franchisematch.com.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Coach Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Coach Story – Kelly Miller. Working with The Entrepreneur’s Source® can lead to tremendous success; such is the case with Kelly Miller, owner of the Junk King in Tallahassee, FL. We sat down to talk with Kelly about his experience in investing in a franchise. He had always dreamed of being a small business owner, and through his work with The Entrepreneur’s Source® and a good helping of hard work and determination, Kelly has made that dream a reality.

According to Nancy Norton, The Entrepreneur’s Source® franchise coach, who had helped to guide Kelly through his journey to discovery, Kelly’s story is a phenomenal example of the kind of long-term business success that aspiring business owners can achieve when they commit to working within the TES coaching methodology.

“I loved working with Kelly because he was so focused and enthusiastic,” said Norton. “He embraced the coaching relationship, was open to the possibilities and discovered something that he would never have found on his own. His persistence has paid off in a good way. His success is a testament to his ferocious desire and positive attitude through tough times. I am proud of his accomplishments and happy to have played a part. Never underestimate one’s ability to accomplish great things through great effort!”

Q: To start off with, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

A: My name is Kelly Miller, and the franchise that I own is called Junk King. It’s an eco-friendly junk removal service. I’ve been doing this for almost six years now, and I love it. I have two little boys, 5 and 3, and my wife, Kristin, and I have been married since 2009. We’ve been in this together since I got in the self-employment world, and she’s been very supportive through this journey.

Q: And what about your career? Can you give us a little information on how you discovered The Entrepreneur’s Source®?

I grew up in Idaho before moving to Tennessee at the age of 10. I ended up going to the University of Tennessee. I graduated in 2001 — it was a bit of a tough job market back then. I worked full time doing commission sales on electronics while in school, and after I had graduated, I was glad to get a job with a company that sells plumbing materials wholesale, Ferguson Enterprises. They gave me the option to relocate to Florida, so off I went. I started in the warehouse but quickly rose through the ranks by utilizing their training program. The work was hard, but I enjoyed it. I liked solving logistical problems and working on construction projects. I also did some side consulting for construction companies. After a while, I started noticing that things were slowing down. I saw the 2008 market crash coming, so I decided to leave the construction industry.

I then went to work for Xerox doing state contract sales at the end of 2007. It exposed me to a more specific type of sales, but it really didn’t suit me. After a year or so, I got an offer from a small business, Rumbles Office Equipment Solutions, and I jumped at the opportunity. It was my first time working outside of the big corporate world. The man I worked for, Fortson Rumble, is a self-made business success; I learned so much from him during my time at that company that I decided I didn’t want to work for anyone else. If he can do it, so can I. I was determined to own my own company, so I quit my job, and that’s when the Junk King adventure began.

Q: How did it all start with Junk King and The Entrepreneur’s Source®?

For the first time in my adult life, I was unemployed. I tried to figure out what I wanted to do, and then I made a connection with my Entrepreneur’s Source coach. I had never thought of the junk removal industry, but when she introduced me to the Junk King franchise, it just felt right. I wound up going on a tour with the flagship Junk King franchise in San Carlos California, saw the work they were doing, and loved it.

Q: How did you finance this investment?

Unfortunately, the initial startup costs for Junk King were out of my price range. Financing that business venture was going to be tough, so we had to come up with some different options. My coach connected me with a company that helps you line up working credit. We felt bogged down a bit by money, but sometimes you have to invest money to make money, and it paid off in the end.

Q: What were some of the obstacles you faced when you first opened up shop?

At first, we had some trouble with employees not showing up when they said they would. Finding good staff can sometimes be the hardest part of a startup. We opened in May of 2011, and luckily, in July of that year, we got a HUGE job. We pulled it off with rented equipment, temp labor, and a lot of hard work. It was tough, but we did it. By September of that year, we were struggling a bit because we had underestimated the effect of the local municipalities, which would collect garbage and debris every two weeks – it was a bigger problem than anticipated. At this point, I knew I needed to take a different approach to my work.

Q: I understand you had a fire in your warehouse. That must have been a pretty devastating setback. Can you tell us about that and how you bounced back?

In July 2015, I got a call that our warehouse was on fire. I rushed down there at 3 in the morning, and there were literally five fire trucks putting out a huge fire in our warehouse. We didn’t own the warehouse space, but everything inside – the workshops, my offices, etc., were all completely gone. We still had a separate warehouse of junk, but the revenue-producing parts of the rental property were gone. I had employees and work lined up but no equipment. It was a huge setback. I pretty much had to start all over again.

In September of 2016, Tallahassee was hit hard by Hurricane Hermine. Trees were knocked over taking out power, and the whole city lost power, for an extended period of time. There was a chain of grocery stores that had no power and had to throw things out as a result. They called me and wanted us to clean out multiple grocery stores in the area. We ended up cleaning seven grocery stores that weekend. We had so much work to do; we needed to rent local trucks to empty out these stores. It was also a real crunch trying to get to the landfills because they were closed for the Labor Day weekend — it was just madness.

A month later, Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast, and the same grocery store called me up and said there were, potentially, 400 grocery stores that could be affected. I immediately started rounding up the Junk King Franchises from around the Southeast to try to handle this enormous project. We ended up cleaning 51 grocery stores over 100 hours from South Florida to South Carolina. It was a huge job, but we pulled it off. By building that reputation with this store, I know, if there’s another storm, I’ll be the first person they call for help. I was able to coordinate everything myself because of my corporate background and my experience in property preservation. It was the perfect boost I needed to recover from that warehouse fire.

We worked hard, never gave up, and, ultimately, we came out on top. The finances have worked out, and I’m really happy with the investment I made in my Junk King franchise.

Q: That’s quite the story! Can you tell me more about the role The Entrepreneur’s Source® played in this journey?

A: Our TES coach played a huge role in this journey. To have someone else’s advice has been amazing. I never would have thought about a junk business on my own, but she introduced it to me. She knew it was a bit outside of my budget, but she worked with me and came up with a solution. I never would have been able to make it work without Nancy and The Entrepreneur’s Source®. She was always positive and really helped me through everything. I would never have found Junk King, let alone been able to work out the finances of the whole thing, without Nancy and TES. I just trusted her, and she hasn’t let me down.

Q: What made Junk King the right fit for you?

A: Nancy knew I like to solve problems, and I think that’s why instead of leading me down the path of a mundane franchise, she led me to Junk King. It’s challenging but incredibly rewarding. Every day is a new adventure.

Q: So, if someone who’s relatively young and has been working in corporate business for a few years, would you recommend working with TES?

A: Absolutely, if you have been working in a corporate office for years, you’ll have tunnel vision. Working with TES opens your mind to other businesses that you never would have thought of. Just make sure you do your research, ensure that you don’t underestimate your local competition (public and private sectors), and KNOW your region!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your coach and The Entrepreneur Source?

A: She’s a problem-solver. She’s always ready to guide you and help to get you pointed to the right direction. That comes with the experience and resources that TES has available. She’s still helping me with things like insurance, payroll, and everything. She is a huge help and is always there when I need her. Until I talked to Nancy about these things, I was completely unaware of what is out there. There are so many tools and resources to help me run my business effectively that I wouldn’t know about without TES.

I love the freedom that comes with running your own business. By working for myself, I’m able to go spend time with my kids, watch their school programs, and have flexibility in my life. You just have to remember that being a small business owner definitely comes with responsibilities and a lot of hard work, too.

Q: So, what’s next for you?

A: I would love to get into another franchise, but I’m not sure which one that would be just yet. I’m going to keep my eyes open for the next opportunity. I’m also eager to keep growing with Junk King, of course, especially, my niche of natural disaster emergency cleanups. I’d like to think that one day, my kids will take over the family business.

For more information on how to connect with a coach and discover ideal franchise options for you, visit EntrepreneursSource.com.