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The Entrepreneur’s Source: What Do Hot Dogs and Entrepreneurship Have in Common?

The Entrepreneur’s Source: What Do Hot Dogs and Entrepreneurship Have in Common?

We’re two-thirds of the way through the BIG Three Summer Holiday season.   Labor Day is all that’s left with Memorial Day and Independence Day in the rear-view mirror (how is it late-July already?!?!).   But there’s another holiday we at The Entrepreneur’s Source® believe is well worth mentioning: National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd (or the 19th, depending on the source. It’s not every day you can celebrate a holiday twice in the same month!).

It’s all part of July’s National Hot Dog Month – one of the most American things imaginable. As Americans, we spend billions on packs and packs of the spiced mixture of meats, then add any number of different condiments and toppings, depending on where you live in the country.

But, the hot dog has another claim to fame: helping grow the entrepreneurial spirit in America. People seeking to better themselves built push-carts to sell hot dogs on street corners in lower Manhattan in the 19th century. Dissatisfied with their lot in life, they saw a need, filled a niche, and became their own boss. Today, there are 3,000 food carts in the city, including those selling hot dogs, with countless thousands more across the U.S., some still independently owned.

What about you? Haven’t you ever dreamed of carving out your own “corner” and becoming your own boss?   At The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s number one resource for exploring alternative career options in franchising, we believe the only thing more ‘Merican than a good ol’ hot dog is the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well in our beloved country.   We believe the time is NOW for people to start taking control of their professional lives, to achieve the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity they and their family deserve, and we have the tools and resources to help.

“I know there are thousands of American workers totally dissatisfied with their job for professional and personal reasons,” says Terry Powell, visionary CEO and Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “That’s why we wrote the book, ‘Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome and have partnered with hundreds of franchise coaches nationwide who can help aspiring business owners chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

“Too many of those workers believe if they can just hang on, things will get better. We explain why that’s a fallacy in Your Career 2.0 and in private conversations every single day. There’s too much out of your control as an employee, such as corporate buy-outs and downsizing, which just destroy that kind of wishful thinking.  The ‘golden watch and corner office’ days are over.  The future belongs to those who take control of their future as business owners.

At The Entrepreneur’s Source®, we have the proven tools, strategies, and personal, one on one coaching, to help anyone find the right franchise fit for their skills, talent and personality, to provide them with more satisfaction and control over their professional life.”

The Entrepreneur’s Source® has already helped many of those callously cut adrift by the corporate world find a more rewarding reality in becoming self-sufficient. Other disenchanted workers have chosen not to wait for the inevitable, but rather seized the reins of a new challenge, choosing empowerment over employment.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® is committed to helping countless Americans tap into their entrepreneurial spirit– working with them to create modern-day American small business success stories as inspirational as those 19th century hot-dog push carts.

So, let’s celebrate the red, white and blue this July with hot dogs and entrepreneurship.   If you’re interested in learning more about how The Entrepreneur’s Source® can help YOU on your journey to self-sufficiency, enjoy the last bite of your dog while checking out The Entrepreneur’s Source® website.   Or, if you’re already prepared to begin exploring potential franchise opportunities, find your franchise match at www.franchisematch.com.



The Entrepreneur’s Source selects DCV Franchise Group as a Preferred Financing Vendor

The Entrepreneur’s Source® selects DCV Franchise Group as a Preferred Financing Vendor to Serve the Needs of Growing Franchise Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur Source®, one of the leading organizations for franchise entrepreneurs, has announced the addition of DCV Franchise Group to preferred vendor status in their referral network of financing providers to their network of franchise entrepreneurs looking for guidance, funding and added resources to grow their franchise businesses.

In the same way The Entrepreneur Source® prides itself in serving the needs of the franchise community, DCV differentiates itself with unique service solutions for franchisors and franchisees looking to build sustainable, long lasting franchise businesses. DCV’s full range of service options include:

  • Turn-key development of new franchise systems
  • Corporate and unit level operations
  • Franchise sales and strategies
  • Franchise Disclosure Document “FDD” audit, tax planning and preparation

In addition to operational and process consulting, DCV is the only established full service franchise consulting group to offer complete financial guidance to franchisees which includes:

  • In-house financing qualification process
  • Placement of financing using all SBA-backed loan programs
  • Executive Level Business Plan development
  • Funding solutions that include private equity, 401K rollover (powered by Benetrends) and traditional options

Countless franchise clients have greatly benefited from this value-add, one of its kind, service offerings from the DCV group to help them navigate the financial realities and complexities of securing franchise financing. Reg Byrd, Partner, adds, “Having a sound business plan from the beginning not only increases the chance of securing capital, but more importantly allows franchisees to have a vantage point of the current and future drivers of the business.”

More about DCV Franchise Services Group, a division of SingerLewak: DCV is the franchise industry’s most respected source for the placement of SBA financing and is the first and only firm in the franchise industry that offers a turn-key suite of professional services. The exclusive funding approach DCV uses combines in-house qualification, personal guidance and development of a masterful Executive Level Business Plan to identify the best financing solution while ensuring that franchisees arrive financially safe. For almost two-decades DCV has placed over two-billion dollars in financing for franchise startup projects and expansions.

DCV, a Division of SingerLewak, is part of one of California’s largest accounting and consulting firms with nine offices in CA and in Denver, CO.The bandwidth for DCV financing placement goes beyond the U.S. into Canada, Puerto Rico and Panama. DCV Franchise Group is a true strategic partner driven by a single purpose: To ensure the client’s success by providing deep industry experience, strategic insight and practical solutions. DCV can be reached via http://www.dcvfranchisegroup.com.

More about The Entrepreneur Source®: For over 30 years, The Entrepreneur Source (TES) has been building a reputation in business coaching. TES is now North America’s leading business ownership coaching organization. It began in the mid 1980’s when CEO Terry Powell recognized the fact that 70 percent of the population has a strong desire to be self-sufficient, but only a small number actually find a way to make it happen -a mere 5 percent. Far too many people give up on their dreams too soon, when education and guidance could show them the way to success. Having strong ties in franchising, Mr.Powell also recognized how many franchisors were in need of qualified franchisee prospects. Given this fact,he began to make the connection. The Entrepreneur Source can be reached via http://www.franchisematch.com. Find some great success stories on the TES blog via https://www.entrepreneurssource.com/blog/.


Summer’s Here, and The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: Do You Want to Permanently Get Away from Your Job?

Summer’s Here, and The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: Do You Want to Permanently Get Away from Your Job?

Summer’s in full swing, and most of us are swinging with it. A recent survey shows 77% of Americans will be cooking out, while 69% like relaxing by the pool. Almost 60% of those surveyed are enjoying movies, while more than half are heading for the beach.

For most of us at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network, the beach is our “go to getaway” in the summertime. There’s just something so relaxing about the sand, surf and spending time with friends and family we just can’t get enough of!

But soon enough, it’s time to get back to work and the “real world.” However, haven’t you dreamed of what it could be like to trade your office desk for the beach house porch deciding if windsurfing, boat time, fishing, or all three, will be among your top priorities later in the day.  We call it the “Wanna Get Away?” dreams – those times right after a vacation where you’re sitting at your desk staring at endless emails and knowing you will be traveling like crazy again away from your family.

We’ve all had those day dreams, and it makes you think about what it would feel like to actually ACT on those “Wanna Get Away?” moments by permanently leaving the corporate world.   You aren’t alone – most workers have zero job satisfaction because they have no chance for vertical movement within the company and are forced to cover several jobs, including their own. This situation robs them of their joy and motivation. Plus, like you, they are fearful of being swept up in the next round of downsizing, to create a better-looking bottom line to entice corporate suitors.  Isn’t it time to start taking more control from the Battered Career Syndrome?

Gallup experts and senior scientists report 40% of U.S. employees said they work more than 50 hours each week, while 20% put in more than 60 hours.

Fear, an uncertain employment climate, and lack of professional growth opportunities is no way to earn a living, but many choose this path because they have bought into the belief they have no other way. This is the “Battered Career Syndrome” in a nutshell.   But are they (and YOU) truly candidates to ACT on the “Wanna Get Away?” feeling…and not just for a week in the summer?   YES – and we can help you do just that at The Entrepreneur’s Source.

At TES, we believe no one should settle for the “new normal” of corporate America today. Terry Powell, the visionary founder of TES, says there is another path: becoming self-sufficient by owning your own business, as an entrepreneur.

“The professional coaching environment The Entrepreneur’s Source provides can help those suffering from ‘Battered Career Syndrome’ discover new options for career development,” says Powell. “We can show them how they can truly take control of their professional and personal future to achieve the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity they, and their family, deserve.”

Powell outlines four key steps to start your transition away from “Battered Career Syndrome” and going from Employment to Empowerment:

  1. Purchase our Your Career 2.0 book which is your survival guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome: https://www.amazon.com/Your-Career-2-0-Survival-Battered/dp/1501025848/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500062396&sr=8-1&keywords=your+career+2.0
  2. Assess your Goals, Needs and Expectations
  3. Create a well- defined plan that shifts you to your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals
  4. Be coachable and open to your possibilities, options and dreams by working with a The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise coach

The time is NOW never to feel the “Wanna Get Away?” blues ever again. You deserve more than your current job which has little security and zero chances for advancement while forcing you to cover more jobs for less pay.   No wonder you “Wanna Get Away!”

Pack your bag to investigate the experienced coaching and proven strategies The Entrepreneur’s Source offers to help you assess your skill sets to find the right fit for a franchise business of your own. Who knows? You could be enjoying the opportunity to work from anywhere – like the beach-instead of a corporate office!

To start your journey today from “Employment to Empowerment” and find your franchise match with a TES franchise coach, get started at http://www.franchisematch.com/.