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The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Success Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Success Story: Todd Harris. Todd never believed being laid off could happen to him. But it did. Twice, within a year. His lucrative sales job in business development for the tech industry was gone, so now what could he do? Todd was determined to take control of his own professional life, but doing what?

Fortunately, he connected with Dan Prendergast, an alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise. Dan helped him realize not only were his best days still ahead, but provided the guidance to becoming a business owner with Restoration 1, a quick response emergency fire, water, and mold restoration company.

“Todd embraced our coaching methodology from the beginning,” said Prendergast. “He was extremely coachable, and like many of the clients I work with, possessed an excellent transferable skill set for franchise business ownership. He did a thorough job validating the Restoration-1 business model and made his choice based on facts we gathered, and not on perception.”

We caught up with Todd recently to find out more about how he made the move from employment to empowerment, with the help of TES.

  • Q: Tell us a little bit of the “Todd Harris Story”. Where are you from originally?

Todd Harris: I am from Houston originally, and went to school at North Texas State University, north of Dallas.  Hall of Famer, “Mean Joe” Greene is an alum, as well as Dr. Phil, Don Henley of The Eagles, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, to name a few.

I met my wife there, and we moved to Raleigh, NC after college, when I went to work for a large, multi-national technology firm. We loved the fact we were close to the mountains, or the beach in a gorgeous state. Plus, sweet tea seemed to flow from the water taps!

  • Q: What was your work experience with the technology firm?

TH: I started in inside sales as an account manager, selling the company’s hardware products to clients, but eventually transitioned into business development, moving to Portland, OR to take a position there. We worked in Portland for 8 years, before returning to Raleigh, for another 5 years with the company.

  • Q: But this time, the homecoming wasn’t so sweet?

TH: Not at all. I got laid off in 2014. I was stunned. I truly believed my position was immune to layoffs, but turned out I was wrong.

I hooked up with a smaller firm, doing basically the same thing, but the rug was pulled out from under me again in 2015! Being laid off twice within a year is devastating, but it forced me to start exploring other opportunities. I wanted to find something where I didn’t have to worry about corporate downsizing decisions affecting my family and me, or being aged out of a position, or concerns about ownership changes.  It was time for me to take ownership of my future.

TH: Dan was referred to me by a successful former client of his. We started with some informal meetings, where he asked me about my Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals. We proceeded to have more intense talks where we really narrowed down my options for business ownership. I really felt like a home service business was the way to go. I had no desire to keep up with product inventory, or a “brick and mortar” store.

  • Q: What did Dan do for you to help you realize your goal?

TH: He was invaluable from the start, providing me unbiased information and discovery, setting up validations  with franchisors, and challenging me to think through every step of the journey  He only presented me with business options which suited the goals we had discussed, and never tried to push me toward a particular business. In the end, I chose Restoration 1, because it fit my goals as a service industry, I could help others and re-use assets with what is, in concept, a recession-proof business.

  • Q: Why did you place so much trust in Dan?

TH: Because he had been through a similar experience, making the leap himself into a second career with TES.  He “walked the talk”, and could pull from his own experiences to help me avoid pitfalls. He even showed me how to finance my new business, using the same methods he had done. That was a HUGE help!

  • Q: Why did you choose Restoration 1?

TH: I really liked the thought of helping people when they were in crisis, whether it’s a flooded basement, or devastating fire. Restoration 1 has an excellent reputation, the entry cost was low, and it’s a business I can grow at my pace, doing the work myself until I can hire employees to help. Eventually, I’d really like to bring my adult sons into the business, and sell to them, when the time is right. I certainly couldn’t do that if I was still in the corporate world.

  • Q: How’s business so far?

TH: I named my business Restoration 1-Durham-Greensboro, and we have been busy from the jump! We are having lots of activity every day.  I feel perfectly comfortable in the role of business owner, and have more confidence in my future than I ever did when I was working in tech sales.

If you’re ready to take that next step, like Todd, to becoming empowered, and not just employed, while really defining your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Income(I,L,W,E) goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source® wants to talk with you. Just click on this link http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html to get started.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell: Why I Am Thankful for “Small Business Saturday”

Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source: Why I Am Thankful for “Small Business Saturday”

There’s so much for all of us to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, right down to the smallest blessings.

But right there near the top of my list is the small business owner, and not just for my own, obvious reasons as the owner of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career transition coaching franchise.

Small Business Saturday” celebrates the people who are not just dreamers, but also doers. People who want to bring better ideas and products to their communities, and are willing to invest their life savings into the challenge. These are the small business owners, the real backbone of American business. They have the power to create real jobs and hire locally.   And they’re the engine that feeds this country’s massive economy as well as the local economies in the places where they live and work.

According to a recent The Kauffman Index report, half a million new businesses open their doors every month. Of that number, about 15,000 are franchise businesses-people willing to believe in themselves and their services, or products. They are nimbler than their gargantuan competitors and don’t reduce the neighbors they do business with to mere numbers on a page. They’re just ordinary folks, who are doing extraordinary things by betting on themselves.

That’s why I believe so strongly in celebrating the small business owner year ‘round, but especially on “Small Business Saturday”, which is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 25th.

The idea for “Small Business Saturday” started, oddly enough, with American Express, a huge American corporation. They realized the importance of small businesses in this country and wanted to focus real attention on supporting them from coast to coast. That’s why American Express has championed “Small Business Saturday” since 2010 because it touches so many lives and honors those small business owners who help their communities thrive.

In 2016, AMEX estimated a record number of more than 112 million shoppers participated in “Small Business Saturday” ringing up sales to the tune of $15.4 BILLION! That’s a lot of money being spent, then funneled back into the same communities, strengthening the economy.

These business owners, for the most part, aren’t strangers. They’re neighbors, fellow church members, PTA leaders, youth league coaches, who also volunteer their time for other endeavors, too.

Many are corporate survivors, men and women. After being tossed off the “island,” usually due to corporate downsizing, or aging out, they have dusted themselves off, then embraced the idea of working for themselves. They now are creating greater opportunities to reach their own Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals (I.L.W.E.), while creating legacies for their children.

Some are military vets who have built-in skill sets from their service experience, such as accountability, problem-solving, adaptability, discipline, and work ethic. The big corporations recruit them hard, but many vets have decided they want to control their own destiny by owning their own business.

Others are college grads, or kids still in school, who desire the freedom to create their own niche, and not get caught up in somebody else’s idea of success. They’re unafraid of bringing fresh ideas into the marketplace, and see the value of business ownership.

For these and the thousands of other small business owners, I, along with the entire team at The Entrepreneur’s Source, salute you, your boldness and willingness to set a different course toward your own success, and that of the communities, towns, and cities where you live.

May we all use this “Small Business Saturday-2017” to recognize their efforts and show them our gratitude, by purchasing their goods and services for the benefit of all of us.

And if you’d like to learn more about how we celebrate small business every day at The Entrepreneur’s Source® by helping people explore alternative careers as small business owners, check us out at http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/about_us.html.



The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Success Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Success Story – Kalaya and Linwood Nelson

American companies looking for that competitive edge are always on the look-out for exceptional talent, and often, that talent comes straight out of the military. Service veterans are just as highly coveted by businesses as recent college grads with 10 miles of degrees. That’s because the vets enter the work-force with real-world experience in problem-solving, decision making, adaptive skills, discipline, and work ethic.

Kalaya and Linwood Nelson have those attributes, having served their country, and are now Army veterans. Kalaya just retired from the service in early November.

Before either left the service, they started considering “life after being a soldier”. After taking orders for 20 years, neither wanted to really go to work for someone else. Maybe running their own franchise business, something they could do together, would be the way to go, but what kind of business? Fast-casual restaurant? Service industry? And just how much money would they need to invest with a franchise?

They needed help. That’s when Dave Buck, an Alternative Career Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise, came to the rescue.

Recently, we spoke with Kalaya Nelson about their experience with TES, and the opportunity it provided her and Linwood. They now work together as owners of Tutor Doctor of Laurel, in Maryland.

  • Q: How long have you and Linwood been married?

Kalaya Nelson: 4 years, but we have known each other since 2003. We have a “yours, mine, and ours” family with children ranging in age from 32 to 5 years old, plus we have two grandchildren. There is never a dull moment!

  • Q: What did you do in the Army?

KN: We both served in military intelligence, doing different jobs, and enjoyed the challenges in those roles. We both made the rank of Sergeant First Class

  • Q: What made you decide to focus on owning your own business as you contemplated your retirement from the Army?

KN: Linwood had partnered with a friend in a custom sports apparel business, and also had some multi-level marketing experience. We both knew running a business would allow us the freedom and flexibility we wanted for our family life.  Plus, we really want to leave a legacy for our kids and grand-kids. You really can’t do either working for someone else.

  • Q: What was your first experience in attempting to own a franchise yourself?

KN: Not good. We really thought a popular, fast food restaurant would be the way to go. Our area around Fort Meade, Maryland, didn’t have access to this particular brand, so we thought we’d bring one in.

We quickly discovered the over-head was very high, and they really didn’t offer much help toward that, or any real guidance. It was very disappointing.

  • Q: When did you discover TES?

KN: I enrolled in a business transition assistance class, and Dave Buck was one of the featured speakers. He really stressed the basics of franchise ownership, things such as finding out if you’re even right for franchising. He also reviewed things like: What makes a good franchise fit based on your individual Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals? What will be expected of you? What will be expected of the franchisor? The more he talked, the more comfortable we felt about the idea of franchising, and working with Dave and TES, instead of doing things on our own.

  • Q: Tell us about your coaching experience.

KN: The most important part of the process for Linwood and me, was Dave took the time to find out what OUR goals, needs and expectations were, first. It was never about “making a sale” with him. It was all about our Why.

After establishing that platform, Dave took us step by step. There were in-depth personality profiles and assessments, discussing different business formats, helping us make connections, and just generally doing a lot of “hand holding”. He realized he had a personal stake in our future, and we were trusting him to help us. He created a confidence bond, and helped us see all opportunities, without pushing us to one business over others. I liked that.

  • Q: What options did he present you with, and why did you choose Tutor Doctor?

KN: There was a car repair business, a pizza business, as well as property management, and Tutor Doctor. Linwood and I both enjoy helping children achieve goals, and making a difference in their lives. Tutor Doctor just felt right. In our role, we meet with the families and their child, do an assessment of what support the child needs, provide a customized plan and tutor just for them.  It’s fantastic to share in their success!

  • Q: Can you give me an example?

KN: Sure! One student came to us, recently, wanting to increase her SAT score by 50 points. That would help broaden her field of college opportunities. After just 12 hours of tutoring with Tutor Doctor, she improved her SAT score by 100 points-doubling her goal! That brought us tremendous satisfaction!

If you’re ready to take that next step, like the Nelson’s, to becoming empowered, and not just employed, while really defining your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Income(I.L.W.E.) goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source® wants to talk with you.

Just click on this link http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html to get started.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Names Steve Vivanco Client of the Year

Steve Vivanco, a Los Angeles-based Enviro-Master franchise owner, recently was the recipient of the Client of the Year award from The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise. The announcement was made last month at TES’ 18th Annual Conference held at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa.

After growing tired of his corporate career, Steve worked with Susan Scotts, an award-winning The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) franchise coach, to find an effective franchise match with Enviro-Master. Their work together has proven to be a resounding success as Steve has rapidly established himself as one of the Enviro-Master’s top producers since launching his LA-based location in 2014.

“This is another tremendous example of how The Entrepreneur’s Source® process cultivates positive, impactful relationships between TES clients, like Steve, and TES coaches, like Susan,” said Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “After taking the time to get to know Steve, and helping him understand his Possibilities, Options and Dreams (POD), Susan matched Steve’s criteria for franchise ownership with an outstanding company in Enviro-Master. We’re proud of the role Susan and TES have played in Steve’s success and are excited to see what he can accomplish next!”

During his corporate career, Steve was recognized for his ability to lead strategically and affect positive change in various departments. He launched, transformed, and rebuilt operations in the consulting, financial services, consumer sales and technology arenas – an impressive and diverse resume.

However, a few years ago, Steve was ready for a change. Equipped with years of executive management experience, the bilingual California native was searching for a new challenge and an opportunity be his own boss. After contacting The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), he was paired with Susan and the rest is history. Susan says she helped him realize he could create the same success for himself that he had created for the corporations he had served.

“It was a matter of creating an education, awareness and discovery experience geared towards learning about several franchise models that allowed Steve to decide which one would best suit his goals, needs and expectations,” said Susan. “He definitely wanted to be his own boss and was eager to find a business/product he believed in that possessed great growth potential. Enviro-Master was the perfect fit because they have a solid, low-investment, recession-resistant business model that offers repeat business and residual income.”

Steve’s Enviro-Master franchise location has blossomed into a multi-million-dollar business in just three years. Plus, he’s hired 14 people to help him provide quality service to his clients while he works hard to grow the franchise.

Steve says Susan and The Entrepreneur’s Source® have played a pivotal role in his success.

“I am honored to receive The Entrepreneur’s Source® ‘Client of the Year’ award,” said Steve. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my TES coach, Susan Scotts, and the proven systems, processes, and educational tools TES offers. Susan and TES helped me really unlock my potential of becoming self-sufficient with a successful and rewarding business. Enviro-Master is a perfect fit for my goals, for my family and me. The future looks even brighter, thanks to Susan and TES!”

For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source®, please visit http://www.entrepreneurssource.com.

About The Entrepreneur’s Source®
Established in 1984, The Entrepreneur’s Source® has been North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise dedicated to the entrepreneur for more than 32 years. Today, with more than 120 offices in the United States and Canada, The Entrepreneur’s Source continues to dominate the $1.5 billion-dollar Business Coaching/Consulting franchise market in North America.

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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Honoring Those Who Have Served

Honoring those who have served. They are the men and women who have put service before self … who answered the nation’s call to service. Thank you for your extraordinary commitment, your unwavering dedication to protecting the American way of life, and to the many sacrifices you have made.

Today, less than 1 percent of our population shoulders the responsibilities of our national defense through their service, and just 7 percent of all living Americans are veterans.

As we take this Veterans Day to recognize and thank our service men and woman for their selfless and willing sacrifice, let’s also commit to honoring our nation’s veterans every day by helping them make successful transitions from military to civilian life.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Over 2.52 million businesses are owned by American veterans. These veterans continue their service by not only contributing tremendous growth to the economy through business ownership but also by creating economic opportunities for other Americans.

Frequenting veteran-owned businesses is a great way to show your support for returning service members and their families — not just today, but year-round.