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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Franchise Success Story

The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Success Story: Luigi del Basso

So, you think it takes years to become an “overnight success”?  We agree, preparation is key and success truly doesn’t happen overnight.  But with help from The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise, business ownership success may only be a few months away for you!

That’s the case for Luigi Del Basso, owner of Zippy Shell of Tampa Bay. Zippy Shell is the country’s most affordable and innovative franchise portable storage and moving company.  Zippy Shell has become a real market disrupter in a short amount of time, and Del Basso has benefited, greatly. His relationship with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, and alternative career coach Susan Mell helped him find his franchise match and remarkable success.

“I knew Luigi would do great with Zippy Shell because of the intangibles you simply can’t teach,” said Mell.  “He is very professional, very focused, and extremely positive. He sees the possibilities, not the obstacles.”


We had an opportunity to talk with Luigi about his background, his new career, and living in one of the fastest growing areas of the country.

  • Q: Luigi-please tell us about yourself.

Born and raised in London, I graduated college with degrees in Math, Physics, and Computer Science. I founded my own payment processing global software company in 1987 and spent the next 20 years literally traveling the world. I had clients in 22 different countries. There were times I wasn’t even sure what day it was!

The traveling sounds glamorous , but it will wear you out. Plus, my family was growing up without me being there.  So, I sold it all in 2011 and decided to move to Tampa, preferring to be a consultant with my old company for US clients here.

  • Q: Why Tampa?

We had a vacation home here for years because we loved the Gulf Coast beaches. Plus, the weather is considerably nicer than the UK!

I also liked the fact my travel time was considerably less flying within the US borders. But, I was still dashing to the airport, leaving home for days at a time. I was getting antsy to make a change.

  • Q: What were your options?

One option I rejected was going to work for anyone else. I hadn’t done that since I was 23.

So, I started investigating starting another business, taking over an existing business, or investing in a franchise.

As I studied those options, I realized I had no energy or desire to start something from scratch.  And even though I had experience turning around struggling companies, that didn’t appeal to me either. So, I started to do a deep dive into franchising.

  • Q: How did The Entrepreneur’s Source® and Susan Mell help you find Zippy Shell?

I had dealt with business brokers and consultants before, but what made Susan stand out was her genuine interest in learning my “WHY”.  She WANTED to take the time to get to know me, what MY goals were for my family and me, and do whatever she could to help me match those goals with a franchise which offered a proven service and product, and one I could really believe in.   She showed me the true difference between a broker and a coach.

  • Q: What was the process like?

After months of doing research, attending countless seminars, and just trying to find an opportunity through my own efforts, Susan helped me streamline the whole process by getting me to focus on my goals, needs, and expectations.  What income did I want? What kind of lifestyle did I desire? Were there real Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity opportunities? (I.L.W.E.)

After working with me on my possibilities profile, Susan presented me with options in the travel-leisure business, as well as food services, but the one which really answered all my questions, was Zippy Shell.

  • Q: Why Zippy Shell?

Their business model is so far superior to what the whole industry is doing, plus Tampa is a super-desirable place for people looking to move to a new location.

I could also see opportunities for rapid growth with Zippy Shell. But the biggest clincher: I truly believed in the company’s concept enough to go “all in.” We opened in August, of 2017.

  • Q: You have had some significant early success…yes?

Yes. Of the 51 current Zippy Shell franchisees, I was the first ever in the company’s history to book 100 clients in just THREE MONTHS! Not only that, but I was told it usually takes 15 months to two years to turn a profit. We accomplished that goal in just FIVE MONTHS.

It’s all about working the franchise model correctly, hiring the right personnel, target marketing, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time.

  • Q: What’s the next goal?

200 new clients by 2018, and become the number one volume franchise in the US. I think both goals are very reachable since we’re planning to expand our Tampa base. I want to create a business of significant value.

  • Q: What’s been the impact on your lifestyle?

It’s been great! My home/work life balance is so much better, and I really can get involved in all sorts of the kid’s activities, of which I sponsor many. The kid’s love that because when people see me, they say, “Hey, it’s the Zippy Shell guy!” No one ever said, “Hey, there’s the business software guy!”

If you’re ready to take that next step to becoming empowered, and not just employed, and finding your franchise match, The Entrepreneur’s Source® is ready to help. Just click on this link http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html to get started.






The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell: My Takeaways from TES Conference, 2017

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell: My Takeaways from TES Conference, 2017

It’s almost been a month since The Entrepreneur’s Source® conference in Ft Lauderdale at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa, and I’m still feeling the warm after-glow of the conference on many different levels. Even with two hurricanes traveling through the state of Florida around the time of our Annual Conference, I’m still getting rave reviews from the hundreds of attendees.   In fact, we believe it was our best conference yet!

Our theme this year for the 18th annual conference was “The Future is Now”, and boy, is it! The days ahead look to be the brightest in TES history, thanks to what we accomplished with another record- breaking year in 2017.

I really believe the reason for the company’s success is the fact we bring together, face to face, so many of our franchisor partners, resource partners, and career transition coaches. They are among the best and brightest minds in the franchise industry, and were more than willing to share their insights, experience, and encouragement to others. As I moved about meeting rooms, listened to our excellent speakers, and joined small groups in conversation, it is evident the collaboration among all the franchisors, resource partners, and coaches is the primary catalyst driving the record profitability we are all enjoying in 2017.  THIS is why I believe “The Future is NOW” – indeed!

We also tried a little something different this year, and I think it was a terrific success from what I saw and the positive responses I have received from attendees. We had all of our franchise partners in attendance make 5-minute presentations highlighting their companies, and their unique differentiators, to dozens of TES coaches. This made for some lively discussions, and greater engagement from all involved. I believe we laid the groundwork for future growth for all because the 5 -minute presentations helped our coaches “sharpen their saw”, so to speak, by complementing what they do best: emphasizing the basics – education, awareness, and discovery.

Now, speaking of growth, here’s the good stuff: celebrating the incredible, record breaking success of The Entrepreneur’s Source, our coaches, franchisors, and resource partners! Here are a few of the many highlights:

  • 104%The percentage increase in revenue earned by TES coaches over the past three years.
  • 20%The percentage increase in total revenue earned in the last 12 months! This represents yet another year of growth experienced by TES and early indicators suggest TES is already ahead of that record-breaking pace for the next 12 months!
  • 42 – The number of new coaches joining The Entrepreneur’s Source since last October, representing a 91% increase over last year’s fantastic franchise growth.
  • 239 – The number of franchisor representatives in attendance actively engaging with TES coaches and TES resource partners to build their brand.

Now, you can understand my excitement for 2018, and beyond, for The Entrepreneur’s Source®!

One other thing I, personally, took away from conference this year. There are still so many Americans out there who want to become self-sufficient, and be their own boss, but don’t even know how to take the first step. Or, they’re just ignored by some franchise brands and brokers looking for a quick sale, and large commission.

I take great pride in the fact our company, and our outstanding team of TES coaches, have had a direct, positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of those people, for more than 30 years. The Entrepreneur’s Source® will continue to do so by offering education, awareness and discovery , on an unbiased platform, to help more seekers reach their goal of becoming self-sufficient through franchise ownership, and new, brighter opportunities for the income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity (I.L.W.E.) they desire (and deserve!).

If you’re interested in learning more about our annual conference and everything else we offer at The Entrepreneur’s Source®, please visit http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/about_us.html.