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The Entrepreneur’s Source: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again…With TES By Your Side

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again…With TES By Your Side.

Branden Bowden is what we call a “seeker” here at The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Bowden, a husband and the father of two little girls, believes that he always had the entrepreneurial spirit.

“I enjoy spending time with my family, and fishing and hunting,” says Bowden. “I wanted to do the things that I wanted to do, and not worry about asking for time off. And even though I worked very hard during the hours I was on the job, I just couldn’t come up with a profession where the pay would make up for the time I was trading.”

It’s a familiar problem. Every year, our coaches talk to thousands of seekers just like Branden. Many of them are seeking answers to the same question: how much does time lost with my family, my children, even myself, cost? Is this job worth it?

Branden’s TES coach, Debbie Seeman, says she’s seen the burnout before.

“Many of our clients come from a corporate culture that expects them to be available far beyond the typical 8–5 job. Many times, the expectation to exceed normal hours is not written, but is certainly expected, giving the individual worker far too little time with family.”

Seeman says when you add travel into the mix, you end up with burnout and troubled relationships.

“(Branden) and his wife were expecting their first child, and his inner values about being a good father and being gone most of the time did not mesh. He wanted to be able to plan his own schedule and include family time.”

Many would-be-entrepreneurs are scared of taking that first step. For Branden Bowden, the problem wasn’t fear. He’d taken risks before.

“Through the years, I started various business ventures and always seemed to hit a wall. I felt if I could see the framework of a successful franchise and just duplicate and implement the process, how could it go wrong?”

That’s the beauty of franchising. You aren’t wasting your time reinventing the wheel. Instead, you can focus on what matters most for your business, so you can have time to focus on what matters most in your personal life, too. Branden found The Entrepreneur’s Source online and made the life-changing connection.

“I remember the day Debbie Seeman called me. I was working a territory about an hour and forty-five minutes from home. Debbie introduced herself and asked me if I had a minute to tell her a little about myself.”

Bowden wasn’t sure about the process at first.

“She was building a profile of what my interests were, what my background was, things I liked, what things I didn’t like. With that, she was able to really cut through the time-wasting and get me in front of real opportunities,” Bowden says. “I do know that if she had just put another long list of possible franchises in front of me that I would have moved forward with anything.

Seeman says getting to know clients first is what sets The Entrepreneur’s Source apart.

“We really strive to know our clients well before we begin to show them options. Probing to find out not only what would appeal to them in business, but finding out their goals, needs, and expectations for their whole life including family and faith, as well as goals and dreams they thought they could never make come true sets us apart.”

Seeman worked with Bowden through the entire process.

”She explained to me the process , the types of questions to ask, and things to look for. I know if I didn’t have her laying it out in front of me, I would not have become a business owner.”

Making the change wasn’t easy. It never is. But when you make the move from employment to empowerment, it’s worth it! Bowden eventually decided to go with Service Team of Professionals (STOP) a cleaning and restoration service.

“I started with just me and one truck, working out of my garage,” Bowden tells us. “I now have four employees, and I am in a commercial space.”

“The earnings potential is pretty well limitless at this point. I am busy. I do have to spend time away from my family just as I did before. But now, if I want to stay home and cook my kids breakfast, I can. On nice sunny days, if I want to cut out early to take the kids swimming, I do. I don’t just have weekends to choose from anymore.”

Bowden is the perfect example of the success you can achieve if you fight your fear and step out of your comfort zone.

“If you even think you can do it, pick a business, set a goal, and go for it! Put fears and negative people behind you and I know it will work out,” advises Bowden. “You don’t need a background in marketing, accounting, or business. There are people everywhere (with your franchise) that will help.”

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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Your Journey of Self-Discovery Begins With An “I”

The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: What separates the dreamers from the do-ers?

At The Entrepreneur’s Source®, we believe it’s your willingness to ask yourself some really tough questions and being honest about your answers. If you have an entrepreneurial itch  and would like to explore and define what your unique goals, needs and expectations are, then our alternative career coaches can help you gain clarity… and start you on the path to making those goals a reality.

We know that achieving that kind of clarity takes a discovery process.  Our coaches have discovered the secret to helping you focus and figure it all out. We call it your I.L.W.E.

  • Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Wealth
  • Equity

Your I.L.W.E. plays a vital role in your personal happiness and in a successful coaching experience. Right now, let’s break it down for you and focus on the “I” in I.L.W.E. — your INCOME.

Picturing Your Future

Income is defined as: your re-occurring short-term earnings through employment and investments. But your e-Source coach is going to ask you to think harder than that. They’re going to ask you, “What do you envision your income to be in the next three to five years?”

So your knee-jerk reaction answer might be, “I want to be a millionaire,” and hey, maybe that’s a real possibility for you. It depends on a lot of other factors. It’s exactly those other factors that are so important to your coach. It’s those other factors that you really need to spend time considering before you arrive at your honest answer. Because at the end of the day, your answer may be, “I want to be a millionaire!” Or it may be, “Money isn’t the most important thing.”

If you’re ready to make huge time sacrifices now for huge profits later, then those are going to be the types of opportunities your e-Source coach is going to provide you with.

On the opposite end, maybe you’re willing to make a minimal salary in return for very little time commitment. If that’s the case, then those are the types of opportunities your coach will guide you toward considering.

More than likely, you’re honestly somewhere in the middle. Maybe you want enough income for a comfortable retirement, and still be able to enjoy plenty of time away from work. Maybe you’re looking to build a business that will provide a decent, stable income; something that you could imagine leaving to your son or daughter.

Are You Ready for Your Journey?

In any case, when you take that first step with The Entrepreneur’s Source, you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery: a journey to discover what you really want in life and what really motivates you. Your income desires are just one of the key components that contribute to your overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

Your coach is there to help guide you through your self-exploration process and help you step out of your comfort zone. If you’re ready to see where the journey will take you, take advantage of our introductory virtual coaching experience. Taking the first step from employment — to empowerment is really that simple.

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The Entrepreneur’s Source: Entrepreneurship is a Great American Pastime

The American Dream: Entrepreneurship is a Great American Pastime

The flags flew. The hot dogs and hamburgers were grilled to perfection. The apple pie was, as always, far too tempting. It was another fantastic Fourth of July celebrating our nation’s birthday, and The Entrepreneur’s Source® wants you to now take a moment to think about the American Dream.

What does that mean to you? Are you living it?

For a trio of siblings in Houston, Texas, the American Dream meant owning their own business and living life on their terms. But first, they learned some valuable lessons in the armed forces.

Chanel Jones and her sister Heather Labadie are both veterans. Their brother Seth Jones is still on active duty in the United States Air Force, at least for a short while longer. “Maybe in my teenage years I knew I didn’t want to do a nine-to-five for the rest of my life,” says Seth Jones. But Seth and his sisters did more than just dream about it. They took the initiative to make it happen.

The three siblings had considered starting a business, but it wasn’t until Seth connected with e-source coach Heidi Simos with The Entrepreneur’s Source, that the notion of franchising really started to sparkle! “Seth connected with Heidi through TAP,” Heather told us. TAP is short for Transition Assistance Program, a veteran’s employment initiative required of most personnel before separating or retiring from military service. “He had a follow-up phone call with her and invited Chanel and me. She explained the different avenues to becoming your own boss. We agreed at this time in our lives, we wanted to step into a system already set up.”

Sister Chanel took the most convincing, but she knew what her idea of the American Dream looked like. “We no longer want to be in a job just for a paycheck and no other fulfillment or enjoyment. We are very close and couldn’t imagine not doing this business venture together,” says Chanel.

The trio, dubbed “The Trailblazers” by their e-source coach, eventually decided on a Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies franchise. Part of the appeal: a discount for veterans. Many franchise companies are eager to attract veterans, and they put their money where their mouth is! Companies point to the high work ethic and the experience following systems that veterans bring to the table. Couple that with strong leadership and team-building skills, and you can understand why companies find veterans uniquely qualified. The Trailblazers agree.

“I think being a veteran has helped with thinking outside the box,” Heather added. “Also with being open to trying things once and seeing how we are able to improve for the next time.”

“We are taught to be flexible and how to interact with people from various backgrounds,” Chanel says. “We know how to follow instructions and be punctual. There are plenty of other traits the military has taught us that are reinforced constantly in this business process.”

For Seth, living the dream means looking within. “You have to really want it. Be prepared to go through some hoops, be patient with people, and remember to strive for that goal.”

Heather Labadie admits that entrepreneurship is hard work. She says when things got tough, their e-source coach was there for them. “Heidi was amazing! She was with us every step of the way, motivating us.”

“Heidi is invaluable to us,” says Chanel. “She was very much an integral part in us becoming franchisees. The process was emotional at times — exciting and scary. Heidi was there every step of the way. She was encouraging, and her calming disposition was exactly what we needed to venture down this path.”

Simos feels the same about The Trailblazers. “I admire, respect and appreciate our veterans, who have served our country and kept us safe. This was the first time I had the opportunity to work with three veteran siblings all under the age of 35,” enthused Simos. “They displayed a high level of professionalism during their discovery journey and followed our system to a “T.” I gained a lot of respect for these Trailblazers and was honored to have worked with such fine young people!”

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Declare Your Own Independence This July 4th

Have I ever told you the story about John Smyth?

John was an ordinary American and probably a lot like you. Each morning he woke up well before dawn, got ready for work, grabbed a hot beverage to drink, and then started his commute to work. He hated his job. The work wasn’t challenging, the hours were excruciatingly long, and his boss did not appreciate him . He ruled the entire office with an iron fist. The workers had little, if any, benefits. They never seemed to get a break for lunch, much less a vacation. And let’s face it! The pay was absolutely terrible.

But John Smyth put up with it because of his family. He gave up any thought of independence — he was living paycheck to paycheck and always would. Freedom was for the rich, not for a working-class stiff like him. Pretty soon, John didn’t even dream about spending more time with his family, because he knew it was never going to happen. Eventually, he didn’t even try to be happy.

I’ll bet parts of John Smyth’s story sound familiar. There are some differences though. This John Smyth lived in Boston in 1773. He didn’t grab a hot latte for a pick-me-up; he slurped down a cup of tea. His commute to work involved a worn-out mule, if he was lucky, but he probably slogged his way in through mud and filth on foot, but hey — at least the traffic wasn’t so bad!

Years later, John and workers like him would be part of one of the greatest events in history: The American War of Independence. With their blood, they guaranteed that future generations would have something available to them that no one else had ever had before — independence, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Are those just high ideas to you, or are you living them? 

As the CEO and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, I’ve seen thousands of Americans just like John Smyth. One day they decided, “No more!” and took action. They contacted us and that was the crucial first step in their journey of discovery.

You see, I believe there is nothing more innately American than self-employment. Being the master of your own destiny and working in terms that actually afford you some say-so: that is independence.

Having a job that still allows you time to see your son play soccer. Going in to work and still having enough energy left to go out on a date night with your spouse or partner. Being able to take off some time over the summer so you can take your family to the beach and NEVER have to worry about a boss telling you “No.” That is freedom.

Being able to hand a family business down to your son or daughter: that is the declaring that independence live on as part of your family heritage.

It may not be the Boston Tea Party, but The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you start your own revolution. This July, join us for Start a Business Weekend. This is an absolutely free online event that will show you what the world of business ownership has to offer.  You can explore and compare over 170 franchising opportunities and learn about the multiple ways to finance your new business. Since it’s a virtual expo, you can attend by using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It may sound easy, but there is one thing you have to do: sign up! Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source, we can show you the way from employment to empowerment — but you have to take the first step and sign up.

Thank God for those brave colonists who believed in something better. They took that first step, and the cost was huge. We all have the opportunities and the options that we have today because they didn’t… and decided to do something about it.

Let The Entrepreneur’s Source help you start your own personal revolution.   Get started today and work with us to find your franchise match.