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A Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Dear Dreamers,

Another Valentine’s Day is about to come around and I have to ask this question: “HAVE YOU GIVEN YOURSELF A GIFT?”

After all, a Valentine, whether it’s a card, a box of chocolates, or even a bouquet of flowers, is a sign of commitment. It’s saying: YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME!  So this Valentine’s Day, The Entrepreneur’s Source wants to make sure you don’t forget yourself when it comes around to giving love-tokens. After all, you deserve to live your dreams, too.

Having been blessed with the vision that became The Entrepreneur’s Source back in the early 1980’s, I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to still be an active part of the vision and continued growth today. I still live with the same life philosophy I used to create this business: considering the possibilities…pondering the options…discovering the dreams.

That’s what The Entrepreneur’s Source is all about — Your possibilities. Your options. Your dreams.   Your POD.  We’ve been helping people just like you for 35 years now…helping them on the journey from employment to empowerment…and helping them do it at their own pace.

Our Alternative Career Coaches are the heart of that journey. They work with people just like you…people who are considering the possibility of self-employment through franchising…but want to do it in their own time. How does The Entrepreneur’s Source accomplish that? It’s simple really. We listen. We listen to your goals about the I.L.W.E. (income, lifestyle, wealth, equity) you want to build for yourself and your family.

If you’ve been dreaming, it’s time you gave yourself the gift of permission to take things a step farther. In the spirit of National Entrepreneurship Week (Feb. 16-23), decide to begin that journey of discovery and potential self-employment and let one of our Alternative Career Coaches give you a call. They understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, we have the same mindset as you. That’s why we can help. We’ve shared the struggle. To this day, I fight against the corporate hierarchy mindset so that we can maintain the entrepreneurial spirit here at TES.

As we look forward to all the possibilities of our future, I encourage you to look forward to your own future possibilities and remember – the future is now.

Happy Valentine’s Day Dreamers!


Terry Powell


Declare Your Own Independence This July 4th

Have I ever told you the story about John Smyth?

John was an ordinary American and probably a lot like you. Each morning he woke up well before dawn, got ready for work, grabbed a hot beverage to drink, and then started his commute to work. He hated his job. The work wasn’t challenging, the hours were excruciatingly long, and his boss did not appreciate him . He ruled the entire office with an iron fist. The workers had little, if any, benefits. They never seemed to get a break for lunch, much less a vacation. And let’s face it! The pay was absolutely terrible.

But John Smyth put up with it because of his family. He gave up any thought of independence — he was living paycheck to paycheck and always would. Freedom was for the rich, not for a working-class stiff like him. Pretty soon, John didn’t even dream about spending more time with his family, because he knew it was never going to happen. Eventually, he didn’t even try to be happy.

I’ll bet parts of John Smyth’s story sound familiar. There are some differences though. This John Smyth lived in Boston in 1773. He didn’t grab a hot latte for a pick-me-up; he slurped down a cup of tea. His commute to work involved a worn-out mule, if he was lucky, but he probably slogged his way in through mud and filth on foot, but hey — at least the traffic wasn’t so bad!

Years later, John and workers like him would be part of one of the greatest events in history: The American War of Independence. With their blood, they guaranteed that future generations would have something available to them that no one else had ever had before — independence, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Are those just high ideas to you, or are you living them? 

As the CEO and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, I’ve seen thousands of Americans just like John Smyth. One day they decided, “No more!” and took action. They contacted us and that was the crucial first step in their journey of discovery.

You see, I believe there is nothing more innately American than self-employment. Being the master of your own destiny and working in terms that actually afford you some say-so: that is independence.

Having a job that still allows you time to see your son play soccer. Going in to work and still having enough energy left to go out on a date night with your spouse or partner. Being able to take off some time over the summer so you can take your family to the beach and NEVER have to worry about a boss telling you “No.” That is freedom.

Being able to hand a family business down to your son or daughter: that is the declaring that independence live on as part of your family heritage.

It may not be the Boston Tea Party, but The Entrepreneur’s Source can help you start your own revolution. This July, join us for Start a Business Weekend. This is an absolutely free online event that will show you what the world of business ownership has to offer.  You can explore and compare over 170 franchising opportunities and learn about the multiple ways to finance your new business. Since it’s a virtual expo, you can attend by using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It may sound easy, but there is one thing you have to do: sign up! Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source, we can show you the way from employment to empowerment — but you have to take the first step and sign up.

Thank God for those brave colonists who believed in something better. They took that first step, and the cost was huge. We all have the opportunities and the options that we have today because they didn’t… and decided to do something about it.

Let The Entrepreneur’s Source help you start your own personal revolution.   Get started today and work with us to find your franchise match.



The Entrepreneur’s Source® Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Start a Business Weekend®

New Records Set as Hundreds Attend the Nation’s Largest Online Franchise Expo in North America for Prospective Franchise Owners

Southbury, CT – (May 16, 2017) – The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise, celebrated the 5th anniversary and 32nd event of Start A Business Weekend with the most recent virtual expo which ran in March. The nation’s largest franchise expo in North America is complimentary and offers current and prospective franchisees the ability to explore hundreds of leading franchise opportunities and connect with a The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise coach right from their own computer.

“This premier event embodies the willingness to embrace virtual technology to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “We want to provide attendees access to leading thought leaders, innovative programs, and informative keynote presentations throughout the weekend in an economically friendly manner. For the fifth straight year, attendees can do just that, from the comfort of their homes and offices. The expo, while digital in nature, continues to help us accomplish our mission to provide personal, one-on-one interaction.   We’re thrilled with the success of the March Start a Business Weekend and are excited for the next one starting on May 18, 2017.”

Nearly 1,100 attendees, a Start a Business Weekend March record, participated in the easy to navigate online event, via their laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the late March Start a Business Weekend featured a total of 170 – including 5 new – franchise and business opportunity exhibitors. Attendees navigated between three 3-D exhibit halls, where a diverse field of companies – automotive, home services, senior care and so much more had a virtual booth present – attendees also listened to multiple keynote presentations in the virtual auditorium, downloaded literature and viewed videos, all of which can be saved to a virtual briefcase.

Each Start A Business Weekend attendee was assigned a coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source®. The complimentary connection is one of the highlights of the event. These coaches are devoted to The Entrepreneur’s Source® Discovery Process, which helps prospective entrepreneurs explore their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals and which franchise opportunities may be right for them.

This transformational event continues to grow exponentially since first uplifting future business owners five years ago. Per the numbers, the March 2017 Start a Business Weekend was one of the most successful March events yet. Consider the following:

  • 672 new registrants explored opportunities and received inspirational information designed to make their dreams of business ownership a reality.
  • The incorporation of LinkedIn provided a new layer of networking designed to help participates maintain newfound business relationships.
  • Marissa Ruderman, Programs & Marketing Manager for Franchise Source Brands International (parent company of The Entrepreneur’s Source®), took the social strategy a step further – launching the first ever Facebook Live campaign for the March expo from the Start a Business Weekend Facebook Page.   These live videos proved wildly successful, generating considerable engagement, and will be a permanent addition to future Start a Business Weekend events.
  • And most impressively, the average time the 1,069 attendees spent logged into the virtual trade show was more than two hours, a new record dwell time for any March Start a Business Weekend event!

This transformative event continues to embolden and strengthen the next wave of business owners, giving them the attributes and confidence needed to succeed,” said Powell. “It’s simply remarkable to witness this event’s growth, as it exemplifies our franchise model to offer education, coaching and resources for individuals interested in business ownership.”

To learn more about Start a Business Weekend and sign up for the next virtual expo (Thursday, May 18 – Saturday, May 20 from 10AM-7PM EST), please visit https://startabusinessweekend.com/.

For more information about The Entrepreneur’s Source®, please visit www.entrepreneurssource.com.