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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why Many Are Rethinking Retirement

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Why So Many Are Rethinking Their Retirement Plans

In America’s fast-paced society, many retirees aren’t satisfied in retirement and are looking for more out of their later years of life. As a result, many of these individuals are turning to “encore” careers. According to encore.org, “encore career encompasses work in the second half of life that combines social impact, purpose and often continued income,” and these types of careers are quickly growing. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews the rise of the encore career and what options are open to retirees.

The Rise of the Encore Career
The trend of people at retirement age choosing to continue working has risen since 2011, and today nearly 9 million Americans ages 44 to 70 work in encore jobs. This trend is only expected to increase, according to a recent retirement study by Merrill Lynch.

“47 percent of today’s retirees say they either have worked or plan to work during their retirement,” the study stated. “But an even greater percentage (72 percent) of pre-retirees age 50-plus say they want to keep working after they retire, and in the near future it will become increasingly unusual for retirees not to work.”

Retirees Seeking a Greater Purpose in Life
Why is this that many retirement-aged folks are choosing to continue working? Well, there’s a wide variety of reasons, ranging from experiencing boredom after working for decades to the necessity of having a secondary income due to not having enough saved for the now-lengthy retirement years.

“I had a client call recently who has been retired for six years and he told me he was bored out of his mind,” Bruce Krebs, an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneurs Source in Chattanooga, TN said. “He said he’s traveled, played golf, but he wanted to do something that would keep him busy and also something that he’d enjoy.”

Krebs has seen a steep increase in the amount of older clients seeking advice from him for how to find work once retired. This type of boredom in retirement has long been around, but Krebs is starting to see a new trend among his clients of retirement age emerge: The desire for a greater purpose and fulfillment in retirement.

“It used to be just 2 to 5 percent of my clients fell into this category,” Krebs said. “In the last three years, it’s been on the increase, but in the last 18 months, it’s grown to 30 percent of my business.”

Franchising as a Solution for Retirees
As one may assume, people of retirement age may not be meant to work all types of jobs. Due to the volatility of the job market, many retirees are finding it difficult to find jobs in areas that they may desire. Many companies are looking for young, savvy and technologically sound talent – capacities that not all retirees innately possess.

However, there is one alternative career that is a great fit for many retirees: Franchising. In fact, the 55- to 64-year-old age range in the U.S. has had the largest increase in entrepreneurial activity over the last decade. Franchising allows an individual to work on their business without working in their business, which is oftentimes what retirees are looking for. Franchising provides a superb investment opportunity backed by the safety of a reliable and reputable business plan. When investing in a franchise, you are investing in the systems and methodologies put in place by the franchise brand, and most franchise brands are there to help you every step of the way with 24-hour hotlines and a supportive franchisee network.

For more information about if an encore career in franchising may be a great fit for you, contact an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Shares 5 Tips for Smart Investing

The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell Shares 5 Tips for Smart Investing

Over the past 10 years, many individuals have started to question their financial future and in turn have initiated a reallocation and shift of their investments. In the following segment, The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell shares tips on how an individual can rearrange his or her reactive investments into more proactive investments, such as through business ownership or franchising. As he explains, a business is a proactive investment individuals can put their resources into and have much greater control over their return, as they are not completely dependent on the stock market or other factors out of their control.

See what else The Entrepreneur’s Source Terry Powell has to say in the clip below:

Terry Powell’s 5 Tips for Proactive Investing
Do you want to reorganize your assets and savings, but aren’t sure where to begin? The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise has defined our top five tips for smart investing to help you begin to take control of your investments and turn them into more proactive investments.

  1. Have a clear plan: Before investing in anything, an individual should ask themselves why they are choosing that specific venture. People sometimes lose sight of their end goal, so The Entrepreneur’s Source believes that people considering entrepreneurship should start by asking “why,” and continue remembering “why” throughout the process.
  2. Diversification is crucial: Putting all of your eggs in one basket may turn out to be a recipe for disaster. Instead, investors should vary their portfolios with both passive and reactive investments in order to safeguard against losing control of their return.
  3. Pick Proactive: Rather than choosing a group of reactive investments, transfer a share of your portfolio into a proactive investment, such as a franchise. This will allow an individual to gain some control over their return and not rely as much on the stock market or other factors that he or she is not in control of.
  4. Put emphasis on long-term goals: Investors should determine their desired Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals and keep these in mind at all times. Establishing one’s L.W.E. Goals can help to create a framework for growing a successful business and looking at what you want it to achieve for you in the long-term.
  5. Seek help: Chances are that this might all be new to you, so enlisting in an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can be a great first step in overcoming Battered Investor Syndrome. An E-Source coach can help keep your on track while also providing you with objective advice and support along the way.

For more information about how an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can advise you in modifying your investments through franchise ownership, contact a coach today http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.


The Entrepreneur’s Source: Presents 10 Tips from Women in Business

The Entrepreneur’s Source® Presents 10 Entrepreneurship Tips from Successful Women in Business

Over the past 30 years that The Entrepreneur’s Source® has been in business, women have come a long way as entrepreneurs and are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the business world. As of 2015, it is estimated that there are just over 9.4 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating nearly $1.5 trillion in revenues and employing over 7.9million people, according to the State Of Women–Owned Businesses In 2015 Report Commissioned by American Express.

Between 1997 and 2015, when the number of businesses in the United States increased by 51%, the number of women-owned firms increased by 74% – a rate of  1-­ 1/2 times the national average.

Source:  American Express OPEN/Womenable.

These women possess many traits that make them great business owners, such as a willingness to take initiative and deploy effective communication. Similarly, several studies have even found that women in leadership positions tend to deliver a higher return on sale, invested capital and equity when at the head of a business. All in all, women in business are thriving, and this is something to be celebrated.

The growth in the number of women-­‐owned firms over the past 18 years exceeds the growth rates of all but the largest, publicly-­traded firms – topping growth rates among all other privately-held businesses over this period.

Another bright spot of privately-held women owned firms is they have added an estimated 340,000 jobs since 2007. While men-owned and equally-owned firms, employment has declined over the past eight years.

Source: American Express’ OPEN/Womenable.

As October marked the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)’s 27th annual National Women in Business Month, The Entrepreneur’s Source® deemed it appropriate to highlight words of wisdom from ten successful women in business to hopefully inspire prospective women entrepreneurs into action. Business Ownership Advice and Wisdom from Women Entrepreneurs:  

On Hiring

  • “You have to be willing to do as much as possible by yourself up until you simply have no choice but to hire someone; and even then, you will have to stay intimately involved in the day-to-day operations, because even the best employee will never be as vigilant as you will. Hire prudently, go slow and don’t go overboard.” – Lori Greiner, Shark Tank investor and entrepreneur
  • “Have people around you that believe in you.” – Tracy Anderson, fitness entrepreneur
  • “Hire based on culture and core values fit — the intangibles not shown on their resume — then be very clear about your expectations and leadership weaknesses up front.” Kelsey Ramsden, founder of Sparkplay

On the Business Grind

  • “You kind of have to be irrationally optimistic or naively positive to keep on the hustle.” – Whitney Komor, founder of The Best Day
  • “Balance is a long-term game…It’s easy to get distracted by the details; you need to prioritize.” – Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder of Birchbox
  • “Ignore everyone who says you’re crazy and it will never work. Adopt the stance, “oh yeah, just watch me.” –Debra Gould, President of Six Elements Inc

On Finding the Right Fit

  • “I often use the example that I love donuts, but I do not think it is a good idea to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner; however, if a donut business were to be a feasible business model for me, I would need to put my emotion to the side and look at the return on investment. It is important to do the same with any kind of business model. Thinking that people need to enjoy or love a product to capitalize on it is a limiting belief.” – Tamara Loring, Brand Lead at The Entrepreneur’s Source®
  • “Research, research, research… You want to look at all the different options and don’t limit yourself because you think, oh that’s something for men to do, or that’s something that only married people do together.” – Barbara Moran-Goodrich, President and CEO of Moran Family Brands

On Being a Woman in Business

  • “I don’t put any energy into wondering if I have different challenges than any other leader or business owner because I am female. I think at the end of the day, if you are good at what you do, that’s all that matters.” – Andi Atteberry, founder ofBlingsting, writes
  • “Women have an innate ability to empower others—their staff, their employees, their co-workers and in many cases, their customers.” – Judy Stoleson, The Entrepreneur’s Source® coach and Co-Founder of Women Empowered by Business (WEBB)

Take the First Step: If this article inspired you to take the leap into franchise business ownership, then contact a career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source® today. Consulting with an E-Source Coach is a great resource to help you define your I.L.W.E. Goals and begin to explore business opportunities, helping you to become a successful woman in business.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews Start A Business Weekend

Are you part of the 75 percent of Americans who have the dream to become self-sufficient in your career, but aren’t sure where to start? Why not start by attending Start a Business Weekend® (SABW) sponsored by The Entrepreneur’s Source®.

What is Start a Business Weekend?

SABW is an online, virtual business expo that can help you explore the career path of entrepreneurship – all from the comfort of your own home (and maybe even in your pajamas!) This virtual franchise fair offers current and prospective franchisees the chance to discover franchise opportunities and converse with alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Sourc®e about a potential career of business ownership.

“We’re bridging the power of information with the ease of gathering it by using innovative, virtual technology,” founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source® Terry Powell said. “Attendees have access to three days of industry experts’ informative sessions hosted in the virtual auditorium, without leaving their home or office. It’s complete convenience—Entrepreneur’s Source coaches are accessible all weekend long to guests. Plus, attendees gain all the benefits of a franchise expo without the travel expenses and time commitment.”

What Do I Get Out of Start a Business Weekend?

Start a Business Weekend® attendees will receive access to over 100 virtual online booths and hundreds of free videos as well as the following benefits:

  • Coaching conferences with skilled and accomplished alternative career coaches from The Entrepreneur’s Source who are devoted to The Discovery Process, which supports future entrepreneurs in discovering their Possibilities, Options and Dreams (POD) and their unique franchise fit.
  • Enlightening seminars from nationally-recognized speakers to motivate attendees. These speakers will provide educational information about the franchise industry and inspiring guidance about how to reach their desired lifestyle.
  • A virtual briefcase in which SABW attendees can add educational materials to throughout the expo. Attendees will also receive admission to meaningful, complimentary resources such as franchise opportunity information and exclusive business prospects.
  • The ability to network online with other professionals and attendees to start building your unique network of entrepreneurial-minded contacts.

Sign up for Start a Business Weekend Today!

Start a Business Weekend® will be held from Sept. 24 – Sept. 26 from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. EDT. To register for the virtual franchise showcase, sponsored by The Entrepreneur’s Source, click here http://www.startabusinessweekend.com/.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews How to Transition to Entrepreneurship

Throughout your career path, have you ever dreamt of being self-sufficient? Have you ever thought, I am ready to do this on my own, I just don’t know how to get started?

Studies have shown 75 percent of the adult population has a strong or very strong desire to be self-sufficient—but only five percent are ready, willing and able to act on that desire. However, The Entrepreneur’s Source believes that, with proper coaching and guidance, the other 70 percent can also attain independence.

Like any major life change, transitioning your career path to entrepreneurship is a challenge. There are many questions to be answered, and you may find yourself wondering:

  • Where do you go for advice?
  • Should you open a startup business that’s independent?
  • Do you invest into a franchising business opportunity?
  • What’s the right business opportunity for you?

Today over 70% of full-time working Americans, according to Gallup, are actively disengaged – i.e. miserable – or just sleep walking through their careers and failing slowly. Check out our latest info graph and discover how to escape the shackles of the Battered Career Syndrome:

Getting Your Career Unstuck: Five simple actions that can change your career today and start you on the path to self-sufficiency.

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, business coaches work with aspiring entrepreneurs to answer the tough questions and help establish income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals in order to find the best business opportunity fit.

The decision to take control of your professional career through entrepreneurship is only the first step. An E-Source Coach can help take you through the Discovery Process and identify the right business opportunity that meets your income, lifestyle, wealth and equity (ILWE) goals.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can take the first steps toward finding the right franchise opportunity at Start a Business Weekend, a digital franchise expo hosted by The Entrepreneur’s Source. For more information, visit: http://www.startabusinessweekend.com/sabw/