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The Entrepreneur’s Source Supports Transitioning Veterans

The Entrepreneur’s Source Supports Transitioning Veterans.

Franchise ownership requires a unique set of skills which those in the armed forces cultivate during their years of service. From executing on a plan and seeing a commitment through, to leadership experiences and an intense work ethic, retiring veterans are generally well-prepared to become business owners.

Take Patrick Walker as an example. After 27 years of military service, Patrick decided that he was more interested in building something of his own than settling into a position in corporate America. For more than a year prior to retirement, he worked with coach Steve Rosenkrantz to help him evaluate his interests and find a franchise that suited his lifestyle goals. Given that Patrick didn’t have a business background to leverage, he was able to ask Steve all of his questions, and they worked together to find an opportunity that fit all of his needs.

In April, Patrick launched his Expedia CruiseShipCenter franchise. The decision allowed him to move closer to his family, which was a key personal objective. Patrick now has a sense of pride as he drives to his business each day: he blends his love of the ocean from his Coast Guard days with his passion for planning as he helps families craft beautiful cruise vacations.

Said Patrick, “I think we as veterans are uniquely suited for franchising because we know how to follow a plan. As a retiring veteran, I felt I was too old to start a business from scratch when all I needed to do in a franchise was to read and implement the Operations and Procedures Manual—the success plan of a company that had proven a concept. It just made more sense to me to do that.” As North America’s leading alternative career coaching franchise,The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) is fortunate to work with many veterans like Patrick as they transition from military to civilian life and start achieving their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity dreams.

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The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: Is a Semi-Absentee Franchise Right for You?

The Entrepreneur’s Source Asks: Is a Semi-Absentee Franchise Right for You?

You don’t necessarily have to quit your day job to become a franchise owner. Not all franchise concepts need an always-present franchisee at their location. Instead, many franchise concepts solely require a semi-absentee owner with a smaller time commitment to work on the business. Below, The Entrepreneur’s Source explains the ins and outs of the semi-absentee franchise model.

What is a Semi-Absentee Franchise?
Essentially, a semi-absentee franchise is a business concept that an individual can start and operate on the side while simultaneously having another job or obligation in the mix, compared to a full-time business that requires complete effort and constant presence. It’s important not to confuse semi-absentee ownership with partial ownership. Being a semi-absentee franchise owner oftentimes requires the same amount of capital, time and initial investments from a franchise owner to get the business up and running, but once it’s operating the semi-absenteeism begins. Once this is achieved, semi-absentee franchise owners typically spend 10-15 hours per week working on the business. It’s imperative for prospective franchisees to understand that semi-absentee models can potentially take longer for them to turn a stable profit due to spending less time working on the business.

How do these Concepts Work?
Many franchise brands specifically structure their models to run this way for various reasons, but regardless of the reason, it’s important for prospective franchisees to understand this. Where people tend to get into trouble is when they try to turn a business that is intended to be run by a full-time franchisee and try to turn it into a semi-absentee model. For this reason, individuals looking to invest in a semi-absentee franchise brand are advised to contact a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source to help them to identify specific concepts that employ this model. In the end, it’s important to make sure that with whatever concept you invest in it fits in with your overall long-term strategy, ability and time availability. Franchise brands that embrace this model range from brick and mortar stores to mobile or portable businesses even to vending and kiosk-based concepts – the options are vast.

How to Know if A Semi-Absentee Franchise is Right For You
When contemplating whether a semi-absentee business is the right investment for you, it’s essential to examine your needs, goals and expectations of your investment. Do you want to become a franchise empire builder? Do you want to build numerous concepts?  How much capital do you have to invest? Consulting with a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can better help a prospective franchisee identify the right questions that he or she should be asking himself or herself before deciding on a model. Prospective franchisees need to consider what will be required from him or her with the presented franchise opportunity and if this meets the needs, goals and expectations of that individual.

Take the First Step, Contact The Entrepreneur’s Source Today
For those wanting to take the next step toward the route to self-sufficiency and business ownership or for individuals looking to learn more about semi-absentee franchise brands, contact a business coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source today.


The Entrepreneur’s Source on Why You Should Keep an Open Mind in your Franchise Search

The Entrepreneur’s Source on Why You Should Keep an Open Mind in your Franchise Search

It’s hard to be completely objective when searching for franchise opportunities, but when going into your franchise search its vital to helping you find the right opportunity for you. It’s our basic instinct to stick to what we know and to fear the unknown, but doing so may not always benefit you. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise evaluates why aspiring franchisees should keep an open mind when going into their franchise search.

Don’t Limit Your Franchise Search
There are many ways that prospective entrepreneurs may limit their franchise searches from the beginning without even being aware that they are doing so.

One of the most common blunders that alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source find their clients doing is limiting their franchise search from the get go. A limited view of the possibilities can cause an individual to invest in a franchise mismatch, which may set the franchisee up for failure from the start.

For example, if you go into your franchise search thinking “I am only going to look into the QSR and salon segments,” then you may actually miss the perfect franchising opportunity for you. In fact, E-Source coaches find that 95 percent of their clients end up discovering and investing in a business prospect they may not have considered beforehand or admittedly had prematurely dismissed.

Similarly, many people go into their search thinking that they should only invest in concepts they are familiar with or have past experience in, but this actually falls into one of the top 5 franchising myths. Believe it or not, but businesses that are built upon a business owner’s past knowledge and expertise have the highest incidence of failure. Past experience oftentimes leads business owners to overthink their decisions and look at each of their decisions from a microscopic lens, failing to see the bigger picture and leading to bad decision making.

How a Coach Can Lift Your Limiting Beliefs
There are thousands of franchise systems out there, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at first. How is someone to sift through all of these franchise concepts to find the right fit for them? That’s where an alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source can help. E-Source coaches are experts in the field of franchising and know the ins and outs of the industry.

Coaches will guide their clients through The Discovery Process, which is aimed at helping individuals define their goals, needs and expectations while also educating them on the franchise industry. This oftentimes proves to be an empowering experience for aspiring entrepreneurs because they learn not to jump to conclusions based on their previous perceptions of a business. Together, a coach and a client will uncover the client’s Possibilities, Options and Dreams (POD), and with collaboration will find the right franchise fit. Even if the opportunity isn’t what the individual may have previously considered, E-Source coaches will help explain the factors that make the optimal opportunities at hand better for that candidate than the rest.

Contact a Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source Today!
For more information about how a coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise can help you lift your limiting beliefs, contact a coach today.


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews The Coaching Advantage

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews The Coaching Advantage

Franchise business coaching is not consulting or brokerage—in short, the role of a coach is to help discover what a franchise business can do for you and which business will best meet your individual income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals.

“Business coaching is about listening to and looking at the individual client’s goals, needs and expectations, and then allowing them to discover business opportunities in a safe space,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source founder Terry Powell.

Utilizing a business coaching methodology developed over 30 years of success, The Entrepreneur’s Source focuses on collaboration to not only find a business that will lead you to your goals but one you can be passionate about.

Here are 3 Tools Business Coaches Bring to the Table:

  1. An Insider View of the Franchise Industry: Working with a franchise business coach gives you the educational foundation you need to understand the workings and makings of the franchise industry. Say for example you are exploring business ownership on your own and get unknowingly involved in an owner-operator business model—this means you have to be there for day-to-day operations of the business. If your desired needs and expectations actually fit a semi-absent business model where you could hold a full-time job, but still build income, wealth, and equity, you may end up unhappy and unsuccessful within an owner operated model. Gaining an education and understanding of the various franchise models and industries is very important not only to the success of your business but the meeting of your desired lifestyle and goals.
  2. Personalized Business Opportunities: You may have a perception of what business ownership looks like for you, but a business coach can help you take that vision and apply your unique background and skills to find a business opportunity that will help meet your income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals. Oftentimes, candidates find that the business best suited to help meet their ILWE goals, in the long run, is not the business they had envisioned from the start. A coach will not discount anything you tell them—but as they learn more about you, they gain a better understanding of whether the type of business you initially envisioned is indeed a good fit or not, based on several factors discovered throughout the Discovery Process. Coaches simply ask you keep an open mind to the possibilities. Most people’s skill sets are highly transferable—meaning the right franchise will teach you the business step-by-step. A coach can help you find a business that sparks a passion that you didn’t even know you had.
  3. A Network of Ongoing Support: The coaching process is a journey, from the initial stages of your coach learning about you and your background, to teaching you the franchise industry, defining your goals, needs and expectations and ultimately identifying you a franchise match. A coach’s purpose during the Discovery Process is to make sure you are having a positive educational experience, as well as not making decisions based on perception. Coaches remain actively involved and supportive from the time you are introduced to a business, to the stages of helping you find a franchise attorney for document reviews and even introductions to CPAs. Entrepreneur’s Source coaches have a network of strategic professional relationships, so when you do become a business owner, you have the support of professionals who are not only experts in the franchising industry, but are also sensitive to first-time business owners. Many coaches keep in contact with their clients even after they become business owners to make sure they’re not only successful but satisfied with their business decision.

The Coaching Advantage – A Secret Weapon to Finding Your Franchise Match

Overall, the coaching process creates a space for you to evaluate your income, lifestyle, wealth and equity goals and to find the right franchise business opportunity. “Coaching means helping somebody see a possibility that they could not see themselves. There are many days when we believe in our clients’ dream more than they do themselves,” said The Entrepreneur’s Source Brand Manager Tamara Loring. “Our coaching process allows for a client to realize and believe in his or her potential because we tap into their motivators. We are there to hold them accountable to not giving up on their dreams.”


Take the First Step: Learn more and take the first step and connect with an Entrepreneur’s Source Coach Contact a Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source®  http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.




The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 3 Reasons Employees Are Shifting Away From Employment to Empowerment

The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews 3 Reasons Employees Are Shifting Away From Employment to Empowerment

Today, we’re seeing a growing segment of Americans – from Baby Boomers to Millennials – realizing they are no longer fulfilled in their corporate jobs.  The current stagnant job market is making career success hard to attain for many professionals in corporate America. Many are forced to work 40+ hours each week for lower pay and with fewer resources. These individuals are commonly faced with the threat of company downsizings and unexpected layoffs and yet agree to take upon an extra workload without extra pay or recognition. This work schedule has left millions of people in corporate America simply exhausted.

More and more of these unsatisfied individuals are choosing to proactively leave their corporate sector jobs to take the leap from Employment to Empowerment and invest in a business opportunity as an alternative career path. Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source reviews some of the factors that are causing many individuals to leave corporate America for franchise business ownership.

3 Reasons Employees Are Leaving Corporate America for Entrepreneurship

  1. An Enhanced Lifestyle. You may think that the number one reason why individuals choose to leave corporate America for entrepreneurship is the money. Think again. Susan Mell, franchise owner and alternative career coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, has found that the biggest reason why these people choose to move from Employment to Empowerment is to gain access to an improved lifestyle. Imagine actually being able to attend most of your child’s soccer games or having the ability to take a week off for a family vacation. The possibility of being your own boss and having the ability to create a more balanced life is often more inspiring to entrepreneurs than the actual income.
  2. Feeling Unappreciated. Many individuals working in corporate America find themselves with an ever-growing workload. These individuals are happy to take more projects on, but aren’t too happy that they’re rarely recognized, thanked or even acknowledged for the work that they do. Shouldn’t we all be respected for our time and work? Mell finds that clients talk about “the companies they’ve worked for and felt they really did a great job for and felt loyalty to, but they didn’t feel that loyalty back.” People should be appreciated for the good work that they do and should feel a mutual sense of loyalty for their employer. By taking the road to entrepreneurship, business owners will no longer feel under appreciated.
  3. The Corporate Financial Peak. Once an employee climbs the ranks within a company, but then is let go during a downsize or for another reason, they find themselves at a peculiar situation. As they climbed titles, their salaries climbed accordingly, and once they leave the company, most other employers aren’t willing to match or exceed their previous compensation. This is known as the corporate peak. Once you’ve reached it in corporate America, the only way to earn more money and live as you previously did is to become entrepreneurial. Starting a business can help create a sense of unlimited income potential that you have full control over.

How to Take the First Step

Taking the leap from Employment to Empowerment is a big step, and you don’t have to do it alone. Alternative career coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source can help guide you through the process of becoming a business owner. For more information about how an alternative career coach can help you move from corporate America to entrepreneurship, contact a coach today http://www.entrepreneurssource.com/contact.html.