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The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews The Secret To Finding The Right Franchise: A Franchise Coach


The Entrepreneur’s Source Reviews The Secret To Finding The Right Franchise: A Franchise Coach.

Many people have a misconception about franchise business coaching. A franchise coach is not the same thing as a franchise consultant or even a franchise broker. It’s a franchise coach’s job to help prospective franchisees discover the realm of the franchise industry and how investing in a franchise can bring an individual closer to meeting his or her Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals.

“Business coaching is about listening to and looking at the individual client’s goals, needs and expectations, and then allowing them to discover business opportunities in a safe space,” said founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source  Terry Powell.

Today, The Entrepreneur’s Source® reviews how prospective franchisees can benefit from franchise coaching.

What Can a Franchise Business Coach Offer You?
The Entrepreneur’s Source® has been using the franchise coaching method for over 30 years and has experienced great success due to its continual refinement of the process. Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source® focus on collaborating with prospective franchisees to find a franchise opportunity that will help them reach their I.L.W.E. goals.

Here The Entrepreneur’s Source® reviews the advantages and benefits consulting with a franchise coach can bring to a prospective franchisee:

1.  An Insider Perception of the Franchise Sector:
Franchise business coaches are trained and well-versed in the franchising industry. Their advice and education to entrepreneurs who may be new to the sector can go a long way.  Coaches can provide the educational foundation of the franchising sector that a prospective franchisee may need from the get go. Gaining an education and understanding of different franchise systems, models and industries can be vital to the success of a franchisee’s future. This knowledge of the industry along with examining an individual’s I.L.W.E. goals will enable prospective franchisees to choose the right franchise opportunity for them.

2.  Tailored Franchise Opportunities:
When researching business opportunities without a coach, it’s common for prospective franchisees to fall into the trap of putting their blinders on and only looking at the familiar. This can greatly limit one’s search for business opportunities, causing prospective franchisees to possibly miss an opportunity that could have been the perfect fit for them. As coaches go through the Discovery Process with a client, they are able to gain a better understanding of what type of franchise opportunities are a good fit for each unique client– even if this differs from their client’s initial vision.

3. Continual Support
Coaching is a continual process, and ESource coaches provide support through the entirety of it, from the initial stages of being introduced to a client to ultimately signing a franchise deal. Franchise coaches remain actively involved in this process from the time that they recommend certain franchise opportunities, to the stage of aiding a franchisee in locating a franchise attorney for document reviews and even providing introductions to CPAs. Many coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source® stay in touch with their clients after they sign a franchise deal in order to confirm that they’re not only successful, but pleased with their decision.

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